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Porter's Handbook: Document new GO_TARGET syntax
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@@ -1313,6 +1313,24 @@ daviddengcn-go-colortext-186a3d44e920_GH0.tar. 4534 B 1098 kBps 00s
like with <application>Poudriere</application>, remember to
run <command>make clean</command> before any testing.</para>
+ <example xml:id="go-ex2">
+ <title>Setting Output Binary Name or Installation Path</title>
+ <para>Some ports need to install the resulting binary under a
+ different name or to a path other than
+ the default <literal>${PREFIX}/bin</literal>. This can be
+ done by using <varname>GO_TARGET</varname> tuple syntax,
+ for example:</para>
+ <programlisting>GO_TARGET= ./cmd/ipfs:ipfs-go</programlisting>
+ <para>will install <literal>ipfs</literal> binary as
+ <literal>${PREFIX}/bin/ipfs-go</literal> and</para>
+ <programlisting>GO_TARGET= ./dnscrypt-proxy:${PREFIX}/sbin/dnscrypt-proxy</programlisting>
+ <para>will install <literal>dnscrypt-proxy</literal> to
+ <literal>${PREFIX}/sbin</literal>.</para>
+ </example>
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@@ -1168,17 +1168,14 @@ USE_GNOME= gnomemenus3:build intlhack</programlisting>
- <para>The name of the <application>Go</application> package.
- When building in GOPATH mode, this is the directory that
- will be created in <literal>${GOPATH}/src</literal> and
- seen by the <command>go</command>. When building in
- modules-aware mode, no GOPATH directories will be created
- and <varname>GO_PKGNAME</varname> value will be only used
- as a default for <varname>GO_TARGET</varname>. If not set
- explicitly and <varname>GH_SUBDIR</varname> is present,
- <varname>GO_PKGNAME</varname> value will be inferred from
- <varname>${GH_SUBDIR}</varname>, otherwise it will be set
- to <varname>${PORTNAME}</varname>.</para>
+ <para>The name of the <application>Go</application> package
+ when building in GOPATH mode. This is the directory that
+ will be created in <literal>${GOPATH}/src</literal>. If
+ not set explicitly and <varname>GH_SUBDIR</varname> or
+ <varname>GL_SUBDIR</varname> is present,
+ <varname>GO_PKGNAME</varname> will be inferred from it.
+ It is not needed when building in modules-aware
+ mode.</para>
@@ -1186,8 +1183,12 @@ USE_GNOME= gnomemenus3:build intlhack</programlisting>
- <para>The name of the packages to build. The default
- value is <varname>${GO_PKGNAME}</varname>.</para>
+ <para>The packages to build. The default
+ value is <varname>${GO_PKGNAME}</varname>.
+ <varname>GO_TARGET</varname> can also be a tuple in the
+ form <literal>package:path</literal> where path can be
+ either a simple filename or a full path starting with
+ <literal>${PREFIX}</literal>.</para>