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(1) Add "pkg_delete; make reinstall; make package" to the list of
things to do while testing. This is to make sure obsolete files do not remain in pkg/PLIST. (2) Add small section about auto-generating master.passwd entries. List currently used UIDs. (3) While I'm here, update the tcl shared library version number (was 7.3) in the example. ;)
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-<!-- $Id: porting.sgml,v 1.78 1997-09-22 19:23:46 max Exp $ -->
+<!-- $Id: porting.sgml,v 1.79 1997-10-08 10:16:01 asami Exp $ -->
<!-- The FreeBSD Documentation Project -->
<sect1><heading>Porting an existing piece of free software<label id="porting"></heading>
@@ -293,10 +293,14 @@ lib/X11/oneko/mouse.xpm
<p>You should make sure that the port rules do exactly what
you want it to do, including packaging up the port. Try
doing `<tt>make install</tt>', `<tt>make package</tt>' and
- then `<tt>pkg_delete -d &lt;pkgname&gt;</tt>' and see if all
- the files are correctly deleted. Then do a `<tt>pkg_add
- &lt;pkgname&gt;.tgz</tt>' and see if everything re-appears
- and works correctly.
+ then `<tt>pkg_delete &lt;pkgname&gt;</tt>' and see if all
+ the files and directories are correctly deleted. Then do a
+ `<tt>pkg_add &lt;pkgname&gt;.tgz</tt>' and see if everything
+ re-appears and works correctly. Then do another
+ `<tt>pkg_delete &lt;pkgname&gt;</tt>' and then `<tt>make
+ reinstall; make package</tt>' to make sure you haven't
+ included in the packing list any files that are not
+ installed by your port.
<heading>Submitting the port<label id="porting:submitting"></heading>
@@ -1469,7 +1473,7 @@ MAN8= baz.8
immediately follow the line for the shared library itself,
as in:
@exec /sbin/ldconfig -m %D/lib
@@ -1485,6 +1489,36 @@ lib/libtcl.so.7.3
necessarily in that order)....
+ <heading>UIDs</heading>
+ <p>If your port requires a certain user ID to be on the
+ installed system, let the <tt>pkg/INSTALL</tt> script call
+ <tt>pw</tt> to create it automatically. Look at
+ <tt>japanese/Wnn</tt> or <tt>net/cvsup-mirror</tt> for
+ examples. It is customary to use UIDs in the upper 2-digit
+ range (i.e., from around 50 to 99) for this purpose.
+ <p>Make sure you don't use a UID already used by the system or
+ other ports. This is the current list of UIDs between 50
+ and 99.
+majordom:*:54:1024:Majordomo Pseudo User:/usr/local/majordomo:/nonexistent
+cyrus:*:60:248:the cyrus mail server:/nonexistent:/nonexistent
+uucp:*:66:66:UUCP pseudo-user:/var/spool/uucppublic:/usr/libexec/uucp/uucico
+xten:*:67:67:X-10 daemon:/usr/local/xten:/nonexistent
+pop:*:68:6:Post Office Owner:/nonexistent:/nonexistent
+pgsql:*:71:246:PostgreSQL pseudo-user:/usr/local/pgsql:/bin/sh
+msql:*:80:249:mSQL-2 pseudo-user:/var/db/msqldb:/bin/sh
+ <p>Please send a notice to <htmlurl
+ url='mailto:ports@FreeBSD.org' name='ports@FreeBSD.org'> if
+ you submit or commit a port that allocates a new UID in this
+ range so we can keep this list up to date.
+ <sect3>
<heading>If you are stuck....</heading>
<p>Do look at existing examples and the <tt>bsd.port.mk</tt>