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Add some information about subpixel sampling on LCD displays under
XFree86 4.X. PR: docs/30284 Submitted by: Rahul Siddharthan <rsidd@physics.iisc.ernet.in>
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<chapter id="x11">
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files. To do this, add a last line:</para>
<programlisting>includeif "~/.xftconfig"</programlisting>
+ <para>One last point: if you are using an LCD screen, you may
+ want to enable sub-pixel sampling. This basically treats the
+ (horizontally separated) red, green and blue components
+ separately to improve the horizontal resolution; the results can
+ be dramatic. To enable this, add the line somewhere in your
+ XftConfig file</para>
+ <programlisting>match edit rgba=rgb;</programlisting>
+ <para>(depending on what sort of display you have, you may
+ need to change that last word from ``rgb'' to ``bgr'', ``vrgb''
+ or ``vbgr'': experiment and see which works best.)</para>
<para>That's all; anti-aliasing should be enabled the next
time you start the X server. However, note that your programs must