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Fix some particularly glaring errors resulting from the FAQ not using
the correct version number entities when referring to 4.X and 5.X releases. Revision 1.514 tried to handle this, but failed. Commit based on a patch in the PR. PR: 52679 Submitted by: "Simon L.Nielsen" <simon@nitro.dk>
Notes: svn path=/head/; revision=17136
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@@ -323,7 +323,8 @@
is the development version of the operating system, which
- will in due course become 5.0-RELEASE. As such, it is
+ will in due course become the new &os.stable; branch.
+ This is expected to happen around 5.2-RELEASE. As such, it is
really only of interest to developers working on the
system and die-hard hobbyists. See the <ulink
@@ -385,7 +386,7 @@
<para>Snapshot releases are directly available from <ulink
- ftp://current.FreeBSD.org/pub/FreeBSD/</ulink> for 5.0-CURRENT
+ ftp://current.FreeBSD.org/pub/FreeBSD/</ulink> for 5-CURRENT
and <ulink URL="ftp://releng4.FreeBSD.org/pub/FreeBSD">
releng4.FreeBSD.org</ulink> for 4-STABLE snapshots.
3-STABLE snapshots are not being produced at the time of
@@ -412,8 +413,10 @@
experimental features are quite undesirable. It receives
only well-tested bug fixes and other small incremental
enhancements. FreeBSD-CURRENT, on the other hand, has
- been one unbroken line leading towards 5.0-RELEASE (and
- beyond) since 2.0 was released. If a little ASCII art
+ been one unbroken line since 2.0 was released, leading
+ towards 5.2-RELEASE (and beyond). At 5.2-RELEASE, the
+ 5-STABLE branch is expected to be created, and
+ &os.current; will become 6-CURRENT. If a little ASCII art
would help, this is how it looks:</para>
<programlisting> 2.0
@@ -439,12 +442,18 @@
| (May 1999) (Sep 1999) (Dec 1999) (June 2000) (July 2000)
| [4.0-STABLE]
- *BRANCH* 4.0 (Mar 2000) -&gt; 4.1 -&gt; 4.1.1 -&gt; 4.2 -&gt; 4.3 -&gt; 4.4 -&gt; ... future 4.X releases ...
+ *BRANCH* 4.0 (Mar 2000) -&gt; 4.1 -&gt; 4.1.1 -&gt; 4.2 -&gt; 4.3 -&gt; 4.4 -&gt; ... later 4.X releases ...
| (July 2000) (Sep 2000) (Nov 2000)
+ 5.0-RELEASE (Jan 2003)
+ |
+ |
+ 5.1-RELEASE (est. Jun 2003)
+ |
+ |
- [5.0-CURRENT continues]</programlisting>
+ [5-CURRENT continues]</programlisting>
<para>The 2.2-STABLE branch was retired with the release of 2.2.8.
The 3-STABLE branch has ended with the release of 3.5.1, the
@@ -453,12 +462,12 @@
<para>4-STABLE is the actively developed -STABLE branch.
- The latest release on the 4-STABLE is
- &rel.current;-RELEASE, which was released in
- &rel.current.date;.</para>
+ The latest release on the 4-STABLE branch is
+ &rel2.current;-RELEASE, which was released in
+ &rel2.current.date;.</para>
<para>The 5-CURRENT branch is slowly progressing toward
- 5.0-RELEASE and beyond. See <link linkend="current">What
+ the creation of a 5-STABLE branch. See <link linkend="current">What
is FreeBSD-CURRENT?</link> for more information on this
@@ -2243,7 +2252,7 @@ disk wd2 at wdc1 drive 1 # change from wd3 to wd2</programlisting
<para>Yes. FreeBSD currently runs on Intel x86 and
DEC (now Compaq) Alpha architectures. As of FreeBSD 5.0, the
- SPARC-64 architecture will also be supported.
+ SPARC-64 architecture is also supported.
Most recent additions to the list of upcoming platforms are
IA-64, MIPS and PowerPC, join the &a.ia64;, the &a.ppc; or the &a.mips; respectively for more
information about ongoing work on these platforms. For general discussion on new architectures, join
@@ -2266,8 +2275,10 @@ disk wd2 at wdc1 drive 1 # change from wd3 to wd2</programlisting
<para>This is discussed continually on the FreeBSD mailing
lists. Since hardware changes so quickly, however, we
expect this. We <emphasis>still</emphasis> strongly
- recommend that you read through the
- <ulink URL="&rel.current.hardware;">Hardware Notes</ulink>
+ recommend that you read through the Hardware notes for &os;
+ <ulink URL="&rel.current.hardware;">&rel.current;</ulink>
+ or
+ <ulink URL="&rel2.current.hardware;">&rel2.current;</ulink>
and search the mailing list
<ulink URL="http://www.FreeBSD.org/search/#mailinglists">
archives</ulink> before asking about the latest and
@@ -2304,8 +2315,9 @@ disk wd2 at wdc1 drive 1 # change from wd3 to wd2</programlisting
- <para>See the complete list in the current <ulink
- URL="&rel.current.hardware;">Hardware Notes</ulink>.</para>
+ <para>See the complete list in the Hardware Notes for &os;
+ <ulink URL="&rel.current.hardware;">&rel.current;</ulink> or
+ <ulink URL="&rel2.current.hardware;">&rel2.current;</ulink>.</para>