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Document PATCH_DEPENDS. Correct some numbers.
PR: 56452 Submitted by: Kang Liu <liukang@bjpu.edu.cn>
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@@ -2841,7 +2841,7 @@ PATCHFILES= patch1:test</programlisting>
<sect1 id="makefile-depend">
- <para>Many ports depend on other ports. There are five variables that
+ <para>Many ports depend on other ports. There are seven variables that
you can use to ensure that all the required bits will be on the
user's machine. There are also some pre-supported dependency
variables for common cases, plus a few more to control the behavior
@@ -2994,10 +2994,28 @@ PATCHFILES= patch1:test</programlisting>
+ <title><makevar>PATCH_DEPENDS</makevar></title>
+ <para>This variable specifies executables or files this port
+ requires to patch. Like the previous, it is a list of
+ <replaceable>path</replaceable>:<replaceable>dir</replaceable><optional><replaceable>:target</replaceable></optional>
+ tuples. For example, <programlisting> PATCH_DEPENDS=
+ ${NONEXISTENT}:${PORTSDIR}/java/jfc:extract
+ </programlisting>will descend into the
+ <filename>java/jfc</filename> subdirectory of your ports tree to
+ build and install it if it is not found.</para>
+ <para>The dependency is checked from within the
+ <maketarget>patch</maketarget> target. The
+ <replaceable>target</replaceable> part can be omitted if it is the
+ same as <makevar>DEPENDS_TARGET</makevar>.</para>
+ </sect2>
+ <sect2>
<para>If there is a dependency that does not fall into either of the
- above four categories, or your port requires having the source of
+ above categories, or your port requires having the source of
the other port extracted in addition to having it installed,
then use this variable. This is a list of