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Add section on EXTRACT_DEPENDS.
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@@ -2968,6 +2968,32 @@ PATCHFILES= patch1:test</programlisting>
+ <title><makevar>EXTRACT_DEPENDS</makevar></title>
+ <para>This variable specifies executables or files this port
+ requires for extraction. Like the previous, it is a list of
+ <replaceable>path</replaceable>:<replaceable>dir</replaceable><optional><replaceable>:target</replaceable></optional>
+ tuples. For example, <programlisting>EXTRACT_DEPENDS=
+ unzip:${PORTSDIR}/archivers/unzip</programlisting> will check
+ for an executable called <command>unzip</command>, and descend
+ into the <filename>archivers/unzip</filename> subdirectory of
+ your ports tree to build and install it if it is not found.</para>
+ <para>The dependency is checked from within the
+ <maketarget>extract</maketarget> target. The
+ <replaceable>target</replaceable> part can be omitted if it is the
+ same as <makevar>DEPENDS_TARGET</makevar>.</para>
+ <note>
+ <para>Use this variable only if the extraction does not already
+ work (the default assumes <command>gzip</command>) and cannot
+ be made to work using <makevar>USE_ZIP</makevar> or
+ <makevar>USE_BZIP2</makevar> described in <xref
+ linkend="use-vars">.
+ </note>
+ </sect2>
+ <sect2>
<para>If there is a dependency that does not fall into either of the
@@ -2980,7 +3006,7 @@ PATCHFILES= patch1:test</programlisting>
same as <makevar>DEPENDS_TARGET</makevar>.</para>
- <sect2>
+ <sect2 id="use-vars">
<para>A number of variables exist in order to encapsulate common