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authorNik Clayton <nik@FreeBSD.org>2000-07-16 16:32:27 +0000
committerNik Clayton <nik@FreeBSD.org>2000-07-16 16:32:27 +0000
commit57f6bf9869145c47b55f8ccdf2a4a0dc2fe50e6c (patch)
parent03f0782120f68d4729f36d084eee429aa2e09eeb (diff)
Support library images. Do this by
1. Listing LIB_IMAGES as a dependency on certain targets, to ensure that library images are pulled in correctly. 2. Create a new FORMAT, html.tar, to cater for the case where we might be producing a single .html file, but we need to tar that up for distribution and the tar file needs to include all the images. 3. Update the various install-* targets to include the images. 4. Update the package-* targets to include the images While I'm here, pull out the .doc target. For some reason I thought our tool chain could produce Microsoft Word .doc files. It can't.
Notes: svn path=/head/; revision=7627
1 files changed, 29 insertions, 11 deletions
diff --git a/share/mk/doc.docbook.mk b/share/mk/doc.docbook.mk
index 6b63a62230..9d6eceb1c0 100644
--- a/share/mk/doc.docbook.mk
+++ b/share/mk/doc.docbook.mk
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
-# $FreeBSD: doc/share/mk/doc.docbook.mk,v 1.11 2000/04/29 07:46:15 kuriyama Exp $
+# $FreeBSD: doc/share/mk/doc.docbook.mk,v 1.12 2000/07/14 08:42:49 nbm Exp $
# This include file <doc.docbook.mk> handles building and installing of
# DocBook documentation in the FreeBSD Documentation Project.
@@ -57,9 +57,11 @@ DOCBOOKCATALOG= ${PREFIX}/share/sgml/docbook/catalog
JADECATALOG= ${PREFIX}/share/sgml/jade/catalog
DSSSLCATALOG= ${PREFIX}/share/sgml/docbook/dsssl/modular/catalog
-KNOWN_FORMATS= html html-split html-split.tar txt rtf ps pdf tex dvi tar pdb
+KNOWN_FORMATS= html html.tar html-split html-split.tar txt rtf ps pdf tex dvi tar pdb
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------
@@ -115,6 +117,9 @@ CLEANFILES+= ${DOC}.html-split.tar
.elif ${_cf} == "html"
_docs+= ${DOC}.html
+.elif ${_cf} == "html.tar"
+_docs+= ${DOC}.html.tar
+CLEANFILES+= ${DOC}.html ${DOC}.html.tar
.elif ${_cf} == "txt"
_docs+= ${DOC}.txt
CLEANFILES+= ${DOC}.html ${DOC}.txt
@@ -166,13 +171,13 @@ CLEANFILES+= ${DOC}.${_curformat}.${_curcomp}
all: ${_docs}
-index.html HTML.manifest: ${SRCS}
+index.html HTML.manifest: ${SRCS} ${LIB_IMAGES}
${JADE} -V html-manifest -ioutput.html ${JADEOPTS} -d ${DSLHTML} -t sgml ${MASTERDOC}
.if !defined(NO_TIDY)
-tidy -i -m -f /dev/null ${TIDYFLAGS} `xargs < HTML.manifest`
-${DOC}.html: ${SRCS}
+${DOC}.html: ${SRCS} ${LIB_IMAGES}
${JADE} -ioutput.html -V nochunks ${JADEOPTS} -d ${DSLHTML} -t sgml ${MASTERDOC} > ${.TARGET}
.if !defined(NO_TIDY)
-tidy -i -m -f /dev/null ${TIDYFLAGS} ${.TARGET}
@@ -180,6 +185,11 @@ ${DOC}.html: ${SRCS}
${DOC}.html-split.tar: HTML.manifest
tar cf ${.TARGET} `xargs < HTML.manifest`
+ tar uf ${.TARGET} ${LIB_IMAGES}
+${DOC}.html.tar: ${DOC}.html
+ tar cf ${.TARGET} ${DOC}.html
+ tar uf ${.TARGET} ${LIB_IMAGES}
${DOC}.txt: ${DOC}.html
w3m -S -dump ${.ALLSRC} > ${.TARGET}
@@ -193,9 +203,6 @@ ${.CURDIR:T}.pdb: ${DOC}.pdb
${DOC}.rtf: ${SRCS}
${JADE} -Vrtf-backend -ioutput.print ${JADEOPTS} -d ${DSLPRINT} -t rtf -o ${.TARGET} ${MASTERDOC}
-${DOC}.doc: ${SRCS}
- ${JADE} -ioutput.print ${JADEOPTS} -d ${DSLPRINT} -t doc -o ${.TARGET} ${MASTERDOC}
${DOC}.tex: ${SRCS}
${JADE} -Vtex-backend -ioutput.print ${JADEOPTS} -d ${DSLPRINT} -t tex -o ${.TARGET} ${MASTERDOC}
@@ -270,7 +277,7 @@ _PROG_COMPRESS_zip: .USE
.for _curformat in ${KNOWN_FORMATS}
.for _curcompress in ${KNOWN_COMPRESS}
-.if ${_cf} == "html-split"
+.if ${_cf} == "html-split" || ${_cf} == "html"
${DOC}.${_cf}.tar.${_curcompress}: ${DOC}.${_cf}.tar _PROG_COMPRESS_${_curcompress}
${DOC}.${_cf}.${_curcompress}: ${DOC}.${_cf} _PROG_COMPRESS_${_curcompress}
@@ -283,8 +290,7 @@ ${DOC}.${_cf}.${_curcompress}: ${DOC}.${_cf} _PROG_COMPRESS_${_curcompress}
# Install targets
# Build install-* targets, one per allowed value in FORMATS. Need to
-# build
-# two specific targets;
+# build two specific targets;
# install-html-split - Handles multiple .html files being generated
# from one source. Uses the HTML.manifest file
@@ -320,12 +326,21 @@ install-${_cf}: index.html
@if [ -f ${.OBJDIR}/${DOC}.ln ]; then \
(cd ${DESTDIR}; sh ${.OBJDIR}/${DOC}.ln); \
+.for _curimage in ${LIB_IMAGES}
+ ${INSTALL_DOCS} ${_curimage} ${DESTDIR}/${_curimage:H}
.for _compressext in ${KNOWN_COMPRESS}
install-${_cf}.tar.${_compressext}: ${DOC}.${_cf}.tar.${_compressext}
@[ -d ${DESTDIR} ] || mkdir -p ${DESTDIR}
+.elif ${_cf} == "html"
+install-${_cf}: ${DOC}.${_cf}
+ @[ -d ${DESTDIR} ] || mkdir -p ${DESTDIR}
+.for _curimage in ${LIB_IMAGES}
+ ${INSTALL_DOCS} ${_curimage} ${DESTDIR}/${_curimage:H}
install-${_cf}: ${DOC}.${_cf}
@[ -d ${DESTDIR} ] || mkdir -p ${DESTDIR}
@@ -370,6 +385,9 @@ package-${_curformat}: install-${_curformat}
@cp HTML.manifest PLIST
@echo ${DOC}.${_curformat} > PLIST
+ @for lib_images in ${LIB_IMAGES}; do \
+ echo $$lib_images >> PLIST; \
+ done
@pkg_create -v -c -"FDP ${.CURDIR:T} ${_curformat} package" \
-d -"FDP ${.CURDIR:T} ${_curformat} package" -f PLIST \