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Update the features list to something that better fits the current century.
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<sect2 xml:id="os-overview">
<title>What Can &os; Do?</title>
- <para>&os; has many noteworthy features. Some of these
+ <para>&os; is a complete, Open Source, standards-compliant
+ Unix system, with all the associated features that are
+ nowadays taken for granted, such as preemptive multitasking,
+ memory protection, virtual memory, multi-user facilities, SMP
+ support, all the Open Source development tools for different
+ languages and frameworks, and desktop features centered around
+ X Window System, KDE, or GNOME. Its particular strenghts
- <para><emphasis>Preemptive multitasking</emphasis>
- <indexterm>
- <primary>preemptive multitasking</primary>
- </indexterm> with dynamic priority adjustment to ensure
- smooth and fair sharing of the computer between
- applications and users, even under the heaviest of
- loads.</para>
- </listitem>
- <listitem>
- <para><emphasis>Multi-user facilities</emphasis><indexterm>
- <primary>multi-user facilities</primary>
- </indexterm> which allow many people to use a &os; system
- simultaneously for a variety of things. This means, for
- example, that system peripherals such as printers and tape
- drives are properly shared between all users on the system
- or the network and that individual resource limits can be
- placed on users or groups of users, protecting critical
- system resources from over-use.</para>
- </listitem>
- <listitem>
- <para>Strong <emphasis>TCP/IP
- networking</emphasis><indexterm>
- <primary>TCP/IP networking</primary>
- </indexterm> with support for industry standards such as
- SCTP, DHCP, NFS, NIS, PPP, SLIP, IPsec, and IPv6. This
- means that your &os; machine can interoperate easily with
- other systems as well as act as an enterprise server,
- providing vital functions such as NFS (remote file access)
- and email services or putting your organization on the
- Internet with WWW, FTP, routing and firewall (security)
- services.</para>
- </listitem>
- <listitem>
- <para><emphasis>Memory protection</emphasis><indexterm>
- <primary>memory protection</primary>
- </indexterm> ensures that applications (or users) cannot
- interfere with each other. One application crashing will
- not affect others in any way.</para>
- </listitem>
- <listitem>
- <para>The industry standard
- <emphasis>X Window System</emphasis><indexterm>
- <primary>X Window System</primary>
- </indexterm> (X11R7) can provide a graphical user
- interface (GUI) on any machine and comes with full
- sources.</para>
+ <para><emphasis>Liberal Open Source license</emphasis>,
+ which grants you rights to freely modify and extend
+ its source code and incorporate it in both Open Source
+ projects and closed products without imposing
+ restrictions typical to copyleft licenses, as well
+ as avoiding potential license incompatibility
+ problems.</para>
- <para>
- <indexterm>
- <primary>binary compatibility</primary>
- <secondary>Linux</secondary>
- </indexterm>
- <emphasis>Binary compatibility</emphasis> with many
- programs built for Linux.</para>
+ <para><emphasis>Strong TCP/IP networking</emphasis>
+ <indexterm> <primary>TCP/IP
+ networking</primary></indexterm> - &os;
+ implements industry standard protocols with ever
+ increasing performance and scalability. This makes
+ it a good match in both server, and routing/firewalling
+ roles - and indeed many companies and vendors use it
+ precisely for that purpose.</para>
- <para>Thousands of <emphasis>ready-to-run</emphasis>
- applications are available from the &os;
- <emphasis>ports</emphasis> and
- <emphasis>packages</emphasis> collection. Why search the
- net when you can find it all right here?</para>
+ <para><emphasis>Fully integrated OpenZFS support</emphasis>,
+ including root-on-ZFS, ZFS Boot Environments, fault
+ management, administrative delegation, support for jails,
+ &os; specific documentation, and system installer
+ support.</para>
- <para>Thousands of additional and
- <emphasis>easy-to-port</emphasis> applications are
- available on the Internet. &os; is source code compatible
- with most popular commercial &unix; systems and thus most
- applications require few, if any, changes to
- compile.</para>
- </listitem>
- <listitem>
- <para>Demand paged <emphasis>virtual
- memory</emphasis><indexterm>
- <primary>virtual memory</primary>
- </indexterm> and <quote>merged VM/buffer cache</quote>
- design efficiently satisfies applications with large
- appetites for memory while still maintaining interactive
- response to other users.</para>
+ <para><emphasis>Extensive security features</emphasis>,
+ from the Mandatory Access Control framework to Capsicum
+ capability and sandbox mechanisms.</para>
- <para><emphasis>SMP</emphasis><indexterm>
- <primary>Symmetric Multi-Processing
- (SMP)</primary>
- </indexterm> support for machines with multiple
- CPUs.</para>
+ <para><emphasis>Over 30 thousand prebuilt
+ packages</emphasis> for all supported architectures,
+ and the Ports Collection which makes it easy to build your
+ own, customized ones.</para>
- <para>
- <indexterm>
- <primary>compilers</primary>
- <secondary>C</secondary>
- </indexterm>
- <indexterm>
- <primary>compilers</primary>
- <secondary>C++</secondary>
- </indexterm>
- A full complement of <emphasis>C</emphasis>
- and <emphasis>C++</emphasis>
- development tools.
- Many additional languages for advanced research
- and development are also available in the ports and
- packages collection.</para>
+ <para><emphasis>Documentation</emphasis> - in addition
+ to Handbook and books from different authors that cover
+ topics ranging from system administration to kernel
+ internals, there are also the &man.man.1; pages, not only
+ for userspace daemons, utilities, and configuration files,
+ but also for kernel driver APIs (section 9) and individual
+ drivers (section 4).</para>
- <para><emphasis>Source code</emphasis><indexterm>
- <primary>source code</primary>
- </indexterm> for the entire system means you have the
- greatest degree of control over your environment. Why be
- locked into a proprietary solution at the mercy of your
- vendor when you can have a truly open system?</para>
+ <para><emphasis>Simple and consistent repository structure
+ and build system</emphasis> - &os; uses a single
+ repository for all of its components, both kernel and
+ userspace. This, along with an unified and easy to
+ customize build system and a well thought out development
+ process makes it easy to integrate &os; with build
+ infrastructure for your own product.</para>
- <para>Extensive <emphasis>online
- documentation</emphasis>.</para>
+ <para><emphasis>Staying true to Unix philosophy</emphasis>,
+ preferring composability instead of monolithic <quote>all
+ in one</quote> daemons with hardcoded behaviour.</para>
- <para><emphasis>And many more!</emphasis></para>
+ <para><indexterm> <primary>binary compatibility</primary>
+ <secondary>Linux</secondary></indexterm>
+ <emphasis>Binary compatibility</emphasis> with Linux,
+ which makes it possible to run many Linux binaries without
+ the need for virtualisation.</para>
@@ -223,11 +172,13 @@
</indexterm> at the University of California at Berkeley, and
carries on the distinguished tradition of BSD systems
development. In addition to the fine work provided by CSRG,
- the &os;&nbsp;Project has put in many thousands of hours in
- fine tuning the system for maximum performance and reliability
+ the &os;&nbsp;Project has put in many thousands of man-hours
+ into extending the functionality and fine-tuning the system
+ for maximum performance and reliability
in real-life load situations. &os; offers performance and
- reliability on par with commercial offerings, combined with
- many cutting-edge features not available anywhere else.</para>
+ reliability on par with other Open Source and commercial
+ offerings, combined with cutting-edge features not available
+ anywhere else.</para>
<para>The applications to which &os; can be put are truly
limited only by your own imagination. From software
@@ -237,9 +188,7 @@
likely that you can do it with &os; too! &os; also benefits
significantly from literally thousands of high quality
applications developed by research centers and universities
- around the world, often available at little to no cost.
- Commercial applications are also available and appearing in
- greater numbers every day.</para>
+ around the world, often available at little to no cost.</para>
<para>Because the source code for &os; itself is generally
available, the system can also be customized to an almost