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Add support of USES= budgie in Porters Handbook
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@@ -4431,6 +4431,50 @@ However, Xfce components and non-Xfce dependencies of the port must be included
Do not count on an Xfce component to provide a sub-dependency other than itself for the main port.
+== Using Budgie
+Applications or libraries depending on the Budgie desktop should set `USES= budgie` and set `USE_BUDGIE` to the list of required components.
+[cols="1,1", frame="none", options="header"]
+| Name
+| Description
+| `libbudgie`
+| Desktop core (library)
+| `raven`
+| All-in-one center in panel for accessing different applications widgets
+| `screensaver`
+| Desktop-specific screensaver
+All application widgets communicate through the *org.budgie_desktop.Raven* service.
+The default dependency is lib- and run-time, it can be changed with `:build` or `:run`, for example:
+USES= budgie
+USE_BUDGIE= screensaver:build
+.`USE_BUDGIE` Example
+USES= budgie gettext gnome meson pkgconfig
+USE_BUDGIE= libbudgie
== Using Databases
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@@ -179,6 +179,15 @@ Possible arguments: (none), `build`, `run`, `both`
Uses package:devel/bison[] By default, with no arguments or with the `build` argument, it implies `bison` is a build-time dependency, `run` implies a run-time dependency, and `both` implies both run-time and build-time dependencies.
+== `budgie`
+Possible arguments: (none)
+Provide support for the Budgie desktop environment.
+Use `USE_BUDGIE` to select the components needed for the port.
+See crossref:special[using-budgie,Using Budgie] for more information.
== `cabal`