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Mention "svn diff" in Attaching Patches or Files. While here, try to
make the paragraph make sense. Reviewed by: koobs
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<title>Attaching Patches or Files</title>
<para>When attaching a patch, be sure to use
- <option>-u</option> with &man.diff.1;
- to create or unified diff
- and make sure to specify the exact SVN revision numbers of the
- files you modified so the developers who read your report will
+ either <command>svn diff</command> or
+ &man.diff.1; with the <option>-u</option> option
+ to create a unified diff
+ and make sure to specify the SVN revision number of the
+ repository against which you modified files,
+ so the developers who read your report will
be able to apply them easily. For problems with the kernel or
the base utilities, a patch against &os.current; (the HEAD
Subversion branch) is preferred since all new code should be