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Update PR article to ask people not to submit PRs about outdated ports
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for an answer, consider posing the question to the
- <para>Some cases where it may be appropriate to submit a problem
- report about something that is not a bug are:</para>
+ <para>Consider these factors when submitting PRs about ports or
+ other software that is not part of &os; itself:</para>
- <para>Notification of updates to externally maintained
- software (such as ports or software in the contrib/
- directory).</para>
+ <para>Please do not submit problem reports that simply state
+ that a newer version of an application is available. Ports
+ maintainers are automatically notified by
+ <application>portscout</application> when a new version of
+ an application becomes available. Actual patches to update
+ a port to the latest version are welcome.</para>
+ </listitem>
+ <listitem>
<para>For unmaintained ports (<varname>MAINTAINER</varname>
- contains <literal>ports@FreeBSD.org</literal>), such update
- notifications might get picked up by an interested
- committer, or you might be asked to provide a patch to
- update the port; providing it upfront will greatly improve
- your chances that the port will get updated in a timely
- manner.</para>
- <para>If the port is maintained, PRs announcing new upstream
- releases are usually not very useful since they generate
- supplementary work for the committers, and the maintainer
- likely knows already there is a new version, they have
- probably worked with the developers on it, they are probably
- testing to see there is no regression, etc.</para>
+ is <literal>ports@FreeBSD.org</literal>),
+ a PR without an included patch is unlikely to get picked up
+ by a committer. To become the maintainer of an
+ unmaintained port, submit a PR with the request (patch
+ preferred but not required).</para>
+ </listitem>
+ <listitem>
<para>In either case, following the process described in <link
Handbook</link> will yield the best results. (You might