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Remove 12.2 from supported branches/releases
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@@ -50,7 +50,7 @@ This table lists the code freeze status for major branches of the `src/` reposit
|`releng/13.0` |Frozen |so@FreeBSD.org |FreeBSD 13.0 supported errata fix branch.
|`stable/12` |Open |committers |Development branch for FreeBSD 12-STABLE.
|`releng/12.3`|Frozen|security-officer@FreeBSD.org|FreeBSD 12.3 supported errata fix branch.
-|`releng/12.2`|Frozen|security-officer@FreeBSD.org|FreeBSD 12.2 supported errata fix branch.
+|`releng/12.2` |Frozen |security-officer@FreeBSD.org |FreeBSD 12.2 errata fix branch (not officially supported).
|`releng/12.1` |Frozen |security-officer@FreeBSD.org |FreeBSD 12.1 errata fix branch (not officially supported).
|`releng/12.0` |Frozen |security-officer@FreeBSD.org |FreeBSD 12.0 errata fix branch (not officially supported).
|`stable/11` |Open |committers |Maintenance branch for FreeBSD 11-STABLE (not officially supported).
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@@ -73,7 +73,7 @@ Issues affecting the FreeBSD Ports Collection are covered separately in http://v
== How to update your system
-For users that have previously installed a binary version of FreeBSD (e.g., {rel130-current} or {rel122-current}), commands:
+For users that have previously installed a binary version of FreeBSD (e.g., {rel130-current} or {rel123-current}), commands:
`# freebsd-update fetch`
@@ -100,7 +100,6 @@ link:unsupported[Older releases] are not supported and users are strongly encour
|releng/13.0 |13.0-RELEASE |April 13, 2021 |13.1-RELEASE + 3 months
|stable/12 |n/a |n/a |June 30, 2024
|releng/12.3 |12.3-RELEASE |December 7, 2021 |12.4-RELEASE + 3 months
-|releng/12.2 |12.2-RELEASE |October 27, 2020 |March 31, 2022
In the run-up to a release, a number of -BETA and -RC releases may be published for testing purposes. These releases are only supported for a few weeks, as resources permit, and will not be listed as supported on this page. Users are strongly discouraged from running these releases on production systems.
diff --git a/website/content/en/security/unsupported.adoc b/website/content/en/security/unsupported.adoc
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--- a/website/content/en/security/unsupported.adoc
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@@ -52,4 +52,5 @@ The following releases are no longer supported but are listed here for reference
|releng/11.4 |11.4-RELEASE |n/a |June 16, 2020 |September 30, 2021
|releng/12.0 |12.0-RELEASE |n/a |December 11, 2018 |February 29, 2020
|releng/12.1 |12.1-RELEASE |n/a |November 4, 2019 |January 31, 2021
+|releng/12.2 |12.2-RELEASE |n/a |October 27, 2020 |March 31, 2022