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No one has asked about cvsup in a long time. We have csup integrated and
are in the process of moving away from CVS so this doesn't really matter anyways. Approved by: bcr
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@@ -4340,45 +4340,6 @@ kern.timecounter.hardware: TSC -&gt; i8254</screen>
- <question id="cvsup-in-base">
- <para>Why is <application>CVSup</application> not integrated
- in the main &os; tree?</para>
- </question>
- <answer>
- <para>The &os; base system is designed as self-hosting &mdash;
- it should be possible to build the whole operating system
- starting with a very limited set of tools. Thus, the actual
- build tools needed to compile the &os; sources are bundled
- with the sources themselves. This includes a C compiler
- (&man.gcc.1;), &man.make.1;, &man.awk.1;, and similar
- tools.</para>
- <para>Since <application>CVSup</application> is written in
- Modula-3, adding it to the &os; base system would also require
- adding and maintaining a Modula-3 compiler. This would lead
- to both an increase in the disk space consumed by the &os;
- sources and additional maintenance work. Thus, it is much
- easier for both the developers and users to keep
- <application>CVSup</application> as a separate port, which
- can be easily installed as a package bundled on the &os;
- installation CDs.</para>
- <para>However, &os; users are not without an integrated
- <application>CVSup</application> compatible client anymore
- since &os;&nbsp;6.2-RELEASE. Thanks to &a.mux;,
- <application>CVSup</application> was rewritten in C as
- &man.csup.1; and it is the part of the base system by now.
- Although it does not implement all the features of
- <application>CVSup</application> at the moment, it is good
- enough (and really fast!) to keep your sources synchronized.
- For systems earlier than 6.2, it can be installed as a port
- or package (see <filename
- role="package">net/csup</filename>).</para>
- </answer>
- </qandaentry>
- <qandaentry>
<question id="ports-update">
<para>I updated the sources, now how do I update my installed