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FreeBSD Handbook: ZFS … Terminology: markup
The ` keystroke alone no longer produces the ` character in my desktop environment. I'll seek a fix for the input misbehaviour. In the meantime, here's a fix for a commit that should have included the character. Fixes: 24b32e8dc6 Remove non-working note box markup within a table
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@@ -2819,7 +2819,7 @@ ZFS supports different types of quotas: the dataset quota, the <<zfs-term-refquo
Quotas limit the total size of a dataset and its descendants, including snapshots of the dataset, child datasets, and the snapshots of those datasets.
-Quotas cannot be set on ZFS volumes, as the volsize` property acts as an implicit quota.
+Quotas cannot be set on ZFS volumes, as the `volsize` property acts as an implicit quota.
|[[zfs-term-refquota]]Reference Quota
|A reference quota limits the amount of space a dataset can consume by enforcing a hard limit. This hard limit includes space referenced by the dataset alone and does not include space used by descendants, such as file systems or snapshots.