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Ports chapter - Upgrade references to stale packages
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@@ -651,27 +651,20 @@ And to unlock `nginx-lite`:
Software within the FreeBSD Ports Collection can undergo major version number changes.
To address this, pkg has a built-in command to update package origins.
-This can be useful, for example, if package:lang/php5[] is renamed to package:lang/php53[] so that package:lang/php5[] can now represent version `5.4`.
+This can be useful, for example, if package:lang/python3[] is renamed to package:lang/python311[] so that package:lang/python3[] can now represent version `3.11`.
To change the package origin for the above example, run:
-# pkg set -o lang/php5:lang/php53
+# pkg set -o lang/python3:lang/python311
-As another example, to update package:lang/ruby18[] to package:lang/ruby19[], run:
+As another example, to update package:lang/ruby31[] to package:lang/ruby32[], run:
-# pkg set -o lang/ruby18:lang/ruby19
-As a final example, to change the origin of the `libglut` shared libraries from package:graphics/libglut[] to package:graphics/freeglut[], run:
-# pkg set -o graphics/libglut:graphics/freeglut
+# pkg set -o lang/ruby31:lang/ruby32
@@ -681,12 +674,10 @@ To force a reinstallation of dependent packages, run:
-# pkg install -Rf graphics/freeglut
+# pkg install -Rf lang/ruby32
== Using the Ports Collection
@@ -861,7 +852,7 @@ To save this extra step, instead use `make install clean` when compiling the por
==== Customizing Ports Installation
Some ports provide build options which can be used to enable or disable application components, provide security options, or allow for other customizations.
-Examples include package:www/firefox[], package:security/gpgme[], and package:mail/sylpheed-claws[].
+Examples include package:www/firefox[] and package:security/gpgme[].
If the port depends upon other ports which have configurable options,
it may pause several times for user interaction as the default behavior is to prompt the user to select options from a menu.
To avoid this and do all of the configuration in one batch, run `make config-recursive` within the port skeleton.