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The user group and website doesn't exist anymore. Reviewed by: mhorne Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D45630
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@@ -231,11 +231,6 @@ The New York City *BSD User Group (NYCBUG) meets the first Wednesday of the mont
Mailing lists are available at link:http://lists.nycbug.org[http://lists.nycbug.org].
Located in New York, NY.
-link:http://sacblug.org/[The Sacramento BSD and Linux Users Group (SacBLUG)]::
-The Sacramento BSD and Linux Users Group (SacBLUG) is a collaborative effort amongst *BSD/Linux professionals in the Sacramento area, with a focus on enterprise and server environments.
-Our aim is to share our experiences in managing and maintaining systems while also providing a social network for members.
-Check out link:http://sacblug.org[our website] for more information.
link:mailto:rcarter@consys.com[Yavapai Free Unix Users Group]::
The Yavapai Free Unix Users Group is now forming for *BSD/Linux, etc., users in Northern Arizona.
Please contact Russel Carter (link:mailto:rcarter@consys.com[rcarter@consys.com]) for details.