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<para>To initialize S/Key for the first time, change your password,
or change your seed while logged in over a secure connection
- (e.g., on the console of a machine or via ssh), use the
+ (e.g., on the console of a machine or via <application>ssh</application>), use the
<command>keyinit</command> command without any parameters while
logged in as yourself:</para>
@@ -1172,7 +1172,7 @@ MOS MALL GOAT ARM AVID COED
should enter a password or phrase. Remember, this is not the
password that you will use to login with, this is used to generate
your one-time login keys. The <quote>ID</quote> line gives the
- parameters of your particular instance; your login name, the
+ parameters of your particular instance: your login name, the
iteration count, and seed. When logging in the system
will remember these parameters and present them back to you so you
do not have to remember them. The last line gives the particular