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handbook/preface: more information about Handbook 3rd printed version
Mention both volumes and their ISBN.
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@@ -295,3 +295,5 @@ In particular, BSDi (subsequently acquired by http://www.windriver.com[Wind Rive
Wind River Systems then paid several additional authors to make a number of improvements to the print-output infrastructure and to add additional chapters to the text.
This work culminated in the publication of the second printed edition in November 2001 (ISBN 1-57176-303-1).
In 2003-2004, http://www.freebsdmall.com[FreeBSD Mall, Inc], paid several contributors to improve the Handbook in preparation for the third printed edition.
+The third printed edition has been split into two volumes.
+Both volumes have been published as The FreeBSD Handbook 3rd Edition Volume 1: User Guide (ISBN 1-57176-327-9) and The FreeBSD Handbook 3rd Edition Volume 2: Administrators Guide (ISBN 1-57176-328-7).