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Update vim config for adoc files
In the en/books/fdp-primer/book/#editor-config-vim section the vim configuration is outdated and misinformed: - vim-tiny do not come with syntax highlighting files so recommending that might be counter-productive - For advanced users advise ale linter - Split the functions for two different purposes: adoc and man - There is no concept of wrapping in adoc as we are following the rule "one sentence one line". On the other hand man pages should have a wrap at around 72 considering the historical purpose. So remove wrapping(Press[P]) from adoc and use only for man - There is also no usage of TAB too in adoc so accompany the(Press[T]) only for man and remove from adoc - Extra White Spaces should be applicable for both adoc and man while OverLength marker should be only for man - Use appropriate syntax and filetype for asciidoc and man PR: 264921 Approved by: crees
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