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I'm very pleased to announce the release of our new website and documentation using the new toolchain with Hugo and AsciiDoctor. To get more information about the new toolchain please read the FreeBSD Documentation Project Primer[1], Hugo docs[2] and AsciiDoctor docs[3]. Acknowledgment: Benedict Reuschling <bcr@> Glen Barber <gjb@> Hiroki Sato <hrs@> Li-Wen Hsu <lwhsu@> Sean Chittenden <seanc@> The FreeBSD Foundation [1] https://docs.FreeBSD.org/en/books/fdp-primer/ [2] https://gohugo.io/documentation/ [3] https://docs.asciidoctor.org/home/ Approved by: doceng, core
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-<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-7"?>
- Ορισμός των entities για κάθε κεφάλαιο του Εγχειριδίου του FreeBSD.
- Κάθε entity ονομάζεται chap.foo, όπου foo είναι η τιμή του id attribute
- που έχει το αντίστοιχο κεφάλαιο (συνήθως αυτό είναι ίδιο και με το όνομα
- του καταλόγου στον οποίο είναι αποθηκευμένο το κεφάλαιο σε SGML μορφή).
- Τα κεφάλαια εδώ είναι καλό να έχουν την ίδια σειρά με την οποία
- εμφανίζονται στο τελικό βιβλίο.
- $FreeBSD$
- %SOURCE% en_US.ISO8859-1/books/handbook/chapters.ent
- %SRCID% 43126
-<!ENTITY chap.preface SYSTEM "preface/preface.xml">
-<!ENTITY % pgpkeys SYSTEM "../../../share/pgpkeys/pgpkeys.ent"> %pgpkeys;
-<!-- Part One -->
- <!ENTITY chap.introduction SYSTEM "introduction/chapter.xml">
- <!ENTITY chap.install SYSTEM "install/chapter.xml">
- <!ENTITY chap.bsdinstall SYSTEM "bsdinstall/chapter.xml">
- <!ENTITY chap.basics SYSTEM "basics/chapter.xml">
- <!ENTITY chap.ports SYSTEM "ports/chapter.xml">
- <!ENTITY chap.x11 SYSTEM "x11/chapter.xml">
-<!-- Part Two -->
- <!ENTITY chap.desktop SYSTEM "desktop/chapter.xml">
- <!ENTITY chap.multimedia SYSTEM "multimedia/chapter.xml">
- <!ENTITY chap.kernelconfig SYSTEM "kernelconfig/chapter.xml">
- <!ENTITY chap.printing SYSTEM "printing/chapter.xml">
- <!ENTITY chap.linuxemu SYSTEM "linuxemu/chapter.xml">
-<!-- Part Three -->
- <!ENTITY chap.config SYSTEM "config/chapter.xml">
- <!ENTITY chap.boot SYSTEM "boot/chapter.xml">
-<!-- users chapter stays in the Greek build until merged with basics -->
- <!ENTITY chap.users SYSTEM "users/chapter.xml">
- <!ENTITY chap.security SYSTEM "security/chapter.xml">
- <!ENTITY chap.jails SYSTEM "jails/chapter.xml">
- <!ENTITY chap.mac SYSTEM "mac/chapter.xml">
- <!ENTITY chap.audit SYSTEM "audit/chapter.xml">
- <!ENTITY chap.disks SYSTEM "disks/chapter.xml">
- <!ENTITY chap.geom SYSTEM "geom/chapter.xml">
- <!ENTITY chap.filesystems SYSTEM "filesystems/chapter.xml">
- <!ENTITY chap.virtualization SYSTEM "virtualization/chapter.xml">
- <!ENTITY chap.l10n SYSTEM "l10n/chapter.xml">
- <!ENTITY chap.cutting-edge SYSTEM "cutting-edge/chapter.xml">
- <!ENTITY chap.dtrace SYSTEM "dtrace/chapter.xml">
-<!-- Part Four -->
- <!ENTITY chap.serialcomms SYSTEM "serialcomms/chapter.xml">
- <!ENTITY chap.ppp-and-slip SYSTEM "ppp-and-slip/chapter.xml">
- <!ENTITY chap.mail SYSTEM "mail/chapter.xml">
- <!ENTITY chap.network-servers SYSTEM "network-servers/chapter.xml">
- <!ENTITY chap.firewalls SYSTEM "firewalls/chapter.xml">
- <!ENTITY chap.advanced-networking SYSTEM "advanced-networking/chapter.xml">
-<!-- Part Five (appendices) -->
- <!ENTITY chap.mirrors SYSTEM "mirrors/chapter.xml">
- <!ENTITY chap.mirrors.lastmod.inc SYSTEM "mirrors.lastmod.inc">
- <!ENTITY chap.mirrors.ftp.index.inc SYSTEM "mirrors.xml.ftp.index.inc">
- <!ENTITY chap.mirrors.ftp.inc SYSTEM "mirrors.xml.ftp.inc">
- <!ENTITY chap.mirrors.cvsup.index.inc SYSTEM "mirrors.xml.cvsup.index.inc">
- <!ENTITY chap.mirrors.cvsup.inc SYSTEM "mirrors.xml.cvsup.inc">
- <!ENTITY chap.bibliography SYSTEM "bibliography/chapter.xml">
- <!ENTITY chap.eresources SYSTEM "eresources/chapter.xml">
- <!ENTITY chap.eresources.www.index.inc SYSTEM "eresources.xml.www.index.inc">
- <!ENTITY chap.eresources.www.inc SYSTEM "eresources.xml.www.inc">
- <!ENTITY chap.pgpkeys SYSTEM "pgpkeys/chapter.xml">
- <!ENTITY chap.freebsd-glossary SYSTEM "../../share/xml/glossary.ent">
- <!ENTITY chap.index "<index xmlns='http://docbook.org/ns/docbook'/>">
-<!ENTITY chap.colophon SYSTEM "colophon.xml">