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Merge the projects/sgml2xml branch:
- Documentation is updated from DocBook 4.1/SGML to DocBook 4.2/XML - Webpages are updated from HTML 4.01 Transitional to XHTML 1.0 Transitional - Static webpages are now processed by XSLT behind the scenes - Webpages are now built with less cycles; tidy has been removed and the date processing is now done by XSLT - Generated webpages are now actually valid (they did not use to be) - All XSLT stylesheets now pull in a main XSLT, which reduces duplicated markup - Site map and index are converted to an XML format with an XSLT transformation that generates the output - For docs, there is now only one entity set for both articles and books - Some trademark/legalnotice entities have been merged to a cohesive single entity file - Untranslated entity sets are now always pulled in from the English tree instead of redundant copies - The base and enbase entities are already automatically generated so remove inline definitions from individual files - Fetch the LEGAL file via http instead of depending on CVS - Convert id names to lowercase to avoid mixing different styles and for better readability - All PSGML comments are removed since they are mostly useless - Convert character entities to normal characters - Do not copy CSS files but override only necessary part - Fix build with newest tidy - Partly update the fdp-primer to reflect changes Approved by: doceng (implicit)
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