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books/: Address more instances of sentences beginning with 'Because...'
As was the case with the previous commit, the intention is to avoid sentence fragments as well as sentences that can be mistaken for them, since the handbook isn't written in a style that makes use of subordinate conjunctions. While touching the relevant files, I also fixed a few issues pointed out by PauAmma, and reflowed a sentence as a result. PR: 252519 Submitted by: ceri@ Reviewed by: PauAmma
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routine (or the other way around, the poll routine may be doing
the real action and the interrupt routine would just call the
poll routine). Why bother about a separate function then?
- Due to different calling conventions. The
+ This has to do with different calling conventions. The
<function>xxx_poll</function> routine gets the struct cam_sim
- pointer as its argument when the PCI interrupt routine by common
+ pointer as its argument while the PCI interrupt routine by common
convention gets pointer to the struct
<varname remap="structname">xxx_softc</varname> and the ISA interrupt routine
gets just the device unit number. So the poll routine would