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Expand contractions in the fdp-primer.
Also replace a few erroneous "it's" with the possessive "its".
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@@ -309,7 +309,7 @@ PRI_LANG?= en_US.ISO8859-1
<para><makevar>PRI_LANG</makevar> in no way affects what documents
- can, or even will, be built. It's main use is creating links to
+ can, or even will, be built. Its main use is creating links to
commonly referenced documents into the FreeBSD documentation
install root.</para>
@@ -378,7 +378,7 @@ PRI_LANG?= en_US.ISO8859-1
<para>After that descriptive tuple, instructions on how to build
the target may be given, if the conversion process between the
- target and it's dependencies are not previously defined, or if
+ target and its dependencies are not previously defined, or if
this particular conversion is not the same as the default
conversion method.</para>
@@ -399,7 +399,7 @@ PRI_LANG?= en_US.ISO8859-1
<para>What sets this macro apart from other targets? Basically,
it is executed <emphasis>after</emphasis> the instructions
given in the build procedure it is listed as a dependency to,
- and it doesn't adjust <makevar>.TARGET</makevar>, which is the
+ and it does not adjust <makevar>.TARGET</makevar>, which is the
variable which contains the name of the target currently
being built.</para>