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- Rewrite the sentences about the Handbook images to provide more
up-to-date information instead of mentioning the possibility of including images in a book - Add some note on the localization of those images Reviewed by: manolis
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<para>In earlier versions of the Handbook the files were stored in
the same directory as <filename>book.sgml</filename>, and named
after the value of the <literal>id</literal> attribute on the
- file's <sgmltag>chapter</sgmltag> element. Moving them into
- separate directories prepares for future plans for the Handbook.
- Specifically, it will soon be possible to include images in each
- chapter. It makes more sense for each image to be stored in a
- directory with the text for the chapter than to try to keep the
- text for all the chapters, and all the images, in one large
- directory. Namespace collisions would be inevitable, and it is
+ file's <sgmltag>chapter</sgmltag> element.
+ Now, it is possible to include images in each
+ chapter. Images for each Handbook chapter are stored within
+ <filename class="directory">share/images/books/handbook</filename>.
+ Note that localized version of these images should be placed in the same
+ directory as the SGML sources for each chapter.
+ Namespace collisions would be inevitable, and it is
easier to work with several directories with a few files in them
than it is to work with one directory that has many files in