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- Update the information on stylesheets
- Remove the DSSSL part since they are quite obsolete and should not be tweaked
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<chapter id="stylesheets">
- <title>* Stylesheets</title>
+ <title>Stylesheets</title>
- <para>SGML says nothing about how a document should be displayed to
+ <para>XML says nothing about how a document should be displayed to
the user, or rendered on paper. To do that, various languages
- have been developed to describe stylesheets, including DynaText,
- Panorama, SPICE, JSSS, FOSI, CSS, and DSSSL.</para>
+ have been developed to describe stylesheets, including XSLT, XSL FO
+ or CSS.</para>
- <para>For DocBook, we are using stylesheets written in DSSSL. For
- XHTML we are using CSS.</para>
- <sect1 id="stylesheets-dsssl">
- <title>* DSSSL</title>
- <para>The Documentation Project uses a slightly customized version
- of Norm Walsh's modular DocBook stylesheets.</para>
- <para>These can be found in <filename
- role="package">textproc/dsssl-docbook-modular</filename>.</para>
- <para>The modified stylesheets are not in the ports system.
- Instead they are part of the Documentation Project source
- repository, and can be found in
- <filename>doc/share/xml/freebsd.dsl</filename>. It is well
- commented, and pending completion of this section you are
- encouraged to examine that file to see how some of the available
- options in the standard stylesheets have been configured in
- order to customize the output for the FreeBSD Documentation
- Project. That file also contains examples showing how to extend
- the elements that the stylesheet understands, which is how the
- FreeBSD specific elements have been formatted.</para>
- </sect1>
+ <para>We use XSLT stylesheets to transform DocBook into XHTML and then
+ we apply CSS formatting to XHTML pages. Currently, the printable
+ output is rendered with legacy DSSSL stylesheets but this may
+ probably change in the future.</para>
<sect1 id="stylesheets-css">