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<chapter id="stylesheets">
- <title>Stylesheets</title>
+ <title>Style Sheets</title>
- <para>XML says nothing about how a document should be displayed to
- the user, or rendered on paper. To do that, various languages
- have been developed to describe stylesheets, including XSLT, XSL FO
- or CSS.</para>
+ <para><acronym>XML</acronym> is concerned with content, and says nothing about how that content should be presented to
+ the reader or rendered on paper. Multiple <emphasis>style sheet</emphasis> languages
+ have been developed to describe visual layout, including Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformation (<acronym>XSLT</acronym>), Document Style Semantics and Specification Language (<acronym>DSSSL</acronym>),
+ and Cascading Style Sheets (<acronym>CSS</acronym>).</para>
- <para>We use XSLT stylesheets to transform DocBook into XHTML and then
- we apply CSS formatting to XHTML pages. Currently, the printable
- output is rendered with legacy DSSSL stylesheets but this may
+ <para>The <acronym>FDP</acronym> documents use <acronym>XSLT</acronym> stylesheets to transform DocBook into <acronym>XHTML</acronym>, and then
+ <acronym>CSS</acronym> formatting is applied to the <acronym>XHTML</acronym> pages. Printable
+ output is currently rendered with legacy <acronym>DSSSL</acronym> stylesheets, but this will
probably change in the future.</para>
<sect1 id="stylesheets-css">
- <title>CSS</title>
+ <title><acronym>CSS</acronym></title>
- <para>Cascading Stylesheets (CSS) are a mechanism for attaching
+ <para>Cascading Style Sheets (<acronym>CSS</acronym>) are a mechanism for attaching
style information (font, weight, size, color, and so forth) to
- elements in an XHTML document without abusing XHTML to do
+ elements in an <acronym>XHTML</acronym> document without abusing <acronym>XHTML</acronym> to do
<title>The DocBook Documents</title>
- <para>The FreeBSD DSSSL stylesheets include a reference to a
- stylesheet, <filename>docbook.css</filename>, which is
- expected to appear in the same directory as the XHTML files.
- The project-wide CSS file is copied from
+ <para>The &os; <acronym>XSLT</acronym> and <acronym>DSSSL</acronym> stylesheets refer to
+ <filename>docbook.css</filename>, which is
+ expected to be present in the same directory as the <acronym>XHTML</acronym> files.
+ The project-wide <acronym>CSS</acronym> file is copied from
<filename>doc/share/misc/docbook.css</filename> when documents
- are converted to XHTML, and is installed automatically.</para>
+ are converted to <acronym>XHTML</acronym>, and is installed automatically.</para>