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checkout the latest version of the required files. This is
sufficient if you are simply rebuilding the website and do not
intend to commit any changes.</para>
- <note>
- <para>&man.csup.1; became part of the base system in
- &os;&nbsp;6.2-RELEASE. If you are using an earlier version of &os;
- you will need to install <filename role="package">net/csup</filename>
- from the Ports&nbsp;Collection.</para>
- </note>
@@ -88,7 +81,7 @@
<sect2 id="the-website-csup">
<title>Simple Method: Using <command>csup</command></title>
- <para>The <command>csup</command> command is part of the base system and
+ <para><command>csup</command> is part of the base system and
already used extensively by most people for updating the
Ports&nbsp;Collection. The following sample supfile can be used to
obtain a checkout of the files required for the website build:</para>
@@ -146,7 +139,7 @@ ports-base</programlisting>
<sect2 id="the-website-cvsup">
<title>Advanced Method: Maintaining a Local
- <application>CVS</application> doc/www Repository</title>
+ <application>CVS</application> <literal>doc/www</literal> Repository</title>
<para>This method will give you more advanced options, but will require
you to install the
@@ -213,18 +206,18 @@ cvsroot-doc</programlisting>
<para>It is also advisable to set the <envar>CVSROOT</envar> environment
variable in your shell's startup files. For example, use
- the following entry in your <filename>~/.cshrc</filename> file:</para>
+ the following entry in <filename>~/.cshrc</filename>:</para>
<programlisting>setenv <envar>CVSROOT</envar> <replaceable>/usr/dcvs</replaceable></programlisting>
<para>If you set this variable, you may omit the <option>-d</option>
argument (shown below) when performing repository operations using
- the <command>cvs</command> command.</para>
+ <command>cvs</command>.</para>
<para>Currently, you will need more than 400&nbsp;MB of free space to
host the repository files. An additional 200&nbsp;MB will be needed
- for the temporary build space. Once the <command>cvsup</command>
- command completes, you are ready to check out the files to your build
+ for the temporary build space. Once <command>cvsup</command>
+ completes, you are ready to check out the files to your build
<screen>&prompt.root; <userinput><command>mkdir</command> <replaceable>/usr/build</replaceable></userinput>
@@ -237,7 +230,7 @@ cvsroot-doc</programlisting>
will have a build directory with similar contents to the one used in
the simple <application>csup</application> method.</para>
- <para>You can continue to use the <command>cvsup</command> command
+ <para>You can continue to use <command>cvsup</command> as
shown above, to update your local <application>CVS</application>
repository on a regular basis. After the initial somewhat lengthy
download, regular updates will only take a few minutes.</para>