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- Move the DSSSL stylesheets to the optional part as they are only required
for printed output - Remove the statement about significant space saving since 30 MBs are not significant nowadays
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- <sect2>
- <title>Stylesheets</title>
- <para>The stylesheets are used when converting and formatting
- the documentation for display on screen, printing, and so
- on.</para>
- <variablelist>
- <varlistentry>
- <term>Modular DocBook Stylesheets
- (<filename
- role="package">textproc/dsssl-docbook-modular</filename>)</term>
- <listitem>
- <para>The Modular DocBook Stylesheets are used when
- converting documentation marked up in DocBook to other
- formats, such as HTML or RTF.</para>
- </listitem>
- </varlistentry>
- </variablelist>
- </sect2>
<sect1 id="tools-optional">
@@ -216,26 +194,23 @@
- <term><application>JadeTeX</application> and
- <application>teTeX</application>
- (<filename role="package">print/jadetex</filename> and
- <filename role="package">print/teTeX</filename>)</term>
+ <term><application>JadeTeX</application>,
+ <application>teTeX</application> and Modular DocBook Stylesheets
+ (<filename role="package">print/jadetex</filename>,
+ <filename role="package">print/teTeX</filename> and
+ <filename role="package">textproc/dsssl-docbook-modular</filename>)</term>
- <para><application>Jade</application> and
- <application>teTeX</application> are used to convert
+ <para><application>Jade</application>,
+ <application>teTeX</application> and Modular DocBook Stylesheets are used to convert
DocBook documents to DVI, Postscript, and PDF formats.
The <application>JadeTeX</application> macros are needed
in order to do this.</para>
<para>If you do not intend to convert your documentation
- to one of these formats (i.e., HTML, plain text, and RTF
+ to one of these formats (i.e., HTML and plain text
are sufficient) then you do not need to install
- <application>JadeTeX</application> and
- <application>teTeX</application>. This can be a
- significant space and time saver, as
- <application>teTeX</application> is over 30MB in
- size.</para>
+ these.</para>
<para>If you decide to install