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+<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1" standalone="no"?>
+ The FreeBSD Documentation Project
+ $FreeBSD$
+<colophon id='colophon'>
+ <para>This book is the combined work of hundreds of contributors to
+ <quote>The FreeBSD Documentation Project</quote>. The text is
+ authored in SGML
+ according to the DocBook DTD and is formatted from SGML into many
+ different presentation formats using <application>Jade</application>,
+ an open source DSSSL
+ engine. Norm Walsh's DSSSL stylesheets were used with an
+ additional customization layer to provide the presentation
+ instructions for <application>Jade</application>. The printed
+ version of this document would not be possible without Donald
+ Knuth's <application>&tex;</application> typesetting language,
+ Leslie Lamport's <application>LaTeX</application>, or Sebastian
+ Rahtz's <application>JadeTeX</application> macro package.</para>