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books/: Address more instances of sentences beginning with 'Because...'
As was the case with the previous commit, the intention is to avoid sentence fragments as well as sentences that can be mistaken for them, since the handbook isn't written in a style that makes use of subordinate conjunctions. While touching the relevant files, I also fixed a few issues pointed out by PauAmma, and reflowed a sentence as a result. PR: 252519 Submitted by: ceri@ Reviewed by: PauAmma
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Network Driver Interface Specification
(<acronym>NDIS</acronym>). It includes &man.ndisgen.8;
which can be used to convert a &windowsxp; driver into a
- format that can be used on &os;. Because the &man.ndis.4;
+ format that can be used on &os;. As the &man.ndis.4;
driver uses a &windowsxp; binary, it only runs on &i386;
and amd64 systems. <acronym>PCI</acronym>, CardBus,
<acronym>PCMCIA</acronym>, and <acronym>USB</acronym>
@@ -2344,7 +2344,7 @@ device_probe_and_attach: cbb0 attach returned 12</screen>
referred to as <emphasis>journaling</emphasis>.
Meta-data updates are still written synchronously, but only
into a small region of the disk. Later on, they are moved
- to their proper location. Because the logging area is a
+ to their proper location. Since the logging area is a
small, contiguous region on the disk, there are no long
distances for the disk heads to move, even during heavy
operations, so these operations are quicker than synchronous