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returned without error. A common error is
<errorname>Permission denied</errorname> which usually occurs
when the label is being set or modified on an object which is
- restricted.<footnote>Other conditions may produce different
+ restricted.<footnote><para>Other conditions may produce different
failures. For instance, the file may not be owned by the
user attempting to relabel the object, the object may not
exist, or the object may be read only. A mandatory policy
@@ -415,7 +415,7 @@
example, a user running at low integrity tries to change the
label of a high integrity file. Or perhaps a user running
at low integrity tries to change the label of a low
- integrity file to a high integrity label.</footnote> The
+ integrity file to a high integrity label.</para></footnote> The
system administrator may use the following commands to
overcome this:</para>