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handbook: stop comparing rsync to rcp
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<title>Using <application>rsync</application></title>
<para>These sites make &os; available through the rsync
- protocol. The <application>rsync</application> utility works in
- much the same way as the &man.rcp.1; command, but has more
- options and uses the rsync remote-update protocol which
- transfers only the differences between two sets of files, thus
- greatly speeding up the synchronization over the network. This
- is most useful for mirror sites of the &os;
+ protocol. The <application>rsync</application> utility
+ transfers only the differences between two sets of files.
+ This is useful for mirror sites of the &os;
<acronym>FTP</acronym> server. The
<application>rsync</application> suite is available for many
operating systems, on &os;, see the <package>net/rsync</package>