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Since we are not accepting new mirrors, remove mention of doing so. Also improve note that ftp.f.o is made up of multiple mirrors and run by the project itself.
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<acronym>FTP</acronym> from a worldwide set of mirror sites.
The site <uri
- is well connected and allows a large number of connections to
- it, but you are probably better off finding a
- <quote>closer</quote> mirror site (especially if you decide to
- set up some sort of mirror site).</para>
+ is available via <acronym>HTTP</acronym> and
+ <acronym>FTP</acronym>. It is made up of many machines operated
+ by the project cluster administrators and behind GeoDNS to direct
+ users to the closest available mirror.</para>
<para>Additionally, &os; is available via anonymous
<acronym>FTP</acronym> from the following mirror sites. If you