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@@ -112,13 +112,13 @@ This site doesn't have any products newer than 8.1 which is now EOL'd
direct users to the closest available mirror.</para>
<para>Additionally, &os; is available via anonymous
- <acronym>FTP</acronym> from the following mirror sites. If you
- choose to obtain &os; via anonymous <acronym>FTP</acronym>,
- please try to use a site near you. The mirror sites listed as
+ <acronym>FTP</acronym> from the following mirror sites. When
+ obtaining &os; via anonymous <acronym>FTP</acronym>,
+ please try to use a nearby site. The mirror sites listed as
<quote>Primary Mirror Sites</quote> typically have the entire
&os; archive (all the currently available versions for each of
- the architectures) but you will probably have faster download
- times from a site that is in your country or region. The
+ the architectures) but faster download speeds are probably available
+ from a site that is in your country or region. The
regional sites carry the most recent versions for the most
popular architecture(s) but might not carry the entire &os;
archive. All sites provide access via anonymous
@@ -446,57 +446,62 @@ Comment out for now until these can be verified.
- <para>This chapter demonstrates how to install
+ <para>This section demonstrates how to install
<application>Subversion</application> on a &os; system and
- then use it to create a local copy of a &os; repository. It
- includes additional information on how to use
- <application>Subversion</application>.</para>
+ use it to create a local copy of a &os; repository.
+ Additional information on the use of
+ <application>Subversion</application> is included.</para>
- <sect2 xml:id="svn-svnlite">
- <title>Svnlite</title>
+ <sect2 xml:id="svn-ssl-certificates">
+ <title>Root <acronym>SSL</acronym> Certificates</title>
+ <para>Installing
+ <package role="port">security/ca_root_nss</package> allows
+ <application>Subversion</application> to verify the identity
+ of <acronym>HTTPS</acronym> repository servers. The root
+ <acronym>SSL</acronym> certificates can be installed from a
+ port:</para>
- <para>A fully functional but light weight version of
- <application>Subversion</application> may be already installed
- on your &os; system as <command>svnlite</command>. You do not
- have to install a separate copy if <command>svnlite</command>
- is sufficient for your needs.</para>
+ <screen>&prompt.root; <userinput>cd /usr/ports/security/ca_root_nss</userinput>
+&prompt.root; <userinput>make install clean</userinput></screen>
- <para>If you wish to access <acronym>HTTPS</acronym> servers with
- <command>svnlite</command> then a root certificate bundle
- should be installed:</para>
+ <para>or as a package:</para>
<screen>&prompt.root; <userinput>pkg install ca_root_nss</userinput></screen>
+ </sect2>
+ <sect2 xml:id="svn-svnlite">
+ <title><application>Svnlite</application></title>
- <para>Installing a certificate bundle allows
- <command>svnlite</command> to verify that it is securely
- communicating with the repository server without tampering.</para>
+ <para>A lightweight version of
+ <application>Subversion</application> is already installed
+ on &os; as <command>svnlite</command>. The port or package
+ version of <application>Subversion</application> is only
+ needed if the Python or Perl <acronym>API</acronym> is needed,
+ or if a later version of Subversion is desired.</para>
- <para>If you are using <command>svnlite</command> then you should
- adjust the examples below.</para>
+ <para>The only difference from normal <application>Subversion</application>
+ use is that the command name is <literal>svnlite</literal>.</para>
<sect2 xml:id="svn-install">
- <para>If the <command>svnlite</command> is unavailable or you wish to
- use the full version of <application>Subversion</application> then
+ <para>If <command>svnlite</command> is unavailable or the
+ full version of <application>Subversion</application> is needed, then
it must be installed.</para>
- <para>If a copy of the ports tree is already present,
- one can install <application>Subversion</application> like
- this:</para>
+ <para><application>Subversion</application> can be installed
+ from the Ports Collection:</para>
<screen>&prompt.root; <userinput>cd /usr/ports/devel/subversion</userinput>
-&prompt.root; <userinput>make install clean</userinput>
-&prompt.root; <userinput>cd /usr/ports/security/ca_root_nss</userinput>
&prompt.root; <userinput>make install clean</userinput></screen>
- <para><application>Subversion</application> can easily be
+ <para><application>Subversion</application> can also be
installed as a package:</para>
- <screen>&prompt.root; <userinput>pkg install subversion</userinput>
-&prompt.root; <userinput>pkg install ca_root_nss</userinput></screen>
+ <screen>&prompt.root; <userinput>pkg install subversion</userinput></screen>
<sect2 xml:id="svn-usage">
@@ -508,8 +513,8 @@ Comment out for now until these can be verified.
- <para><emphasis>Move or delete the local directory before
- using <command>checkout</command>.</emphasis></para>
+ <para>Move or delete an existing destination directory before
+ using <command>checkout</command> for the first time.</para>
<para>Checkout over an existing
non-<command>svn</command> directory can cause conflicts
@@ -520,7 +525,6 @@ Comment out for now until these can be verified.
<para><application>Subversion</application> uses
<acronym>URL</acronym>s to designate a repository, taking the
form of <replaceable>protocol://hostname/path</replaceable>.
- Mirrors may support different protocols as specified below.
The first component of the path is the &os; repository to
access. There are three different repositories,
<literal>base</literal> for the &os; base system source code,
@@ -534,20 +538,14 @@ Comment out for now until these can be verified.
<para>A checkout from a given repository is performed with a
command like this:</para>
- <screen>&prompt.root; <userinput>svn checkout <replaceable>svn-mirror</replaceable>/<replaceable>repository</replaceable>/<replaceable>branch</replaceable> <replaceable>lwcdir</replaceable></userinput></screen>
+ <screen>&prompt.root; <userinput>svn checkout https://svn.FreeBSD.org/<replaceable>repository</replaceable>/<replaceable>branch</replaceable> <replaceable>lwcdir</replaceable></userinput></screen>
- <para><replaceable>svn-mirror</replaceable> is a URL for one
- of the <link linkend="svn-mirrors">Subversion mirror
- sites</link>.</para>
- </listitem>
- <listitem>
<para><replaceable>repository</replaceable> is one of the
- Project repositories, i.e., <literal>base</literal>,
+ Project repositories: <literal>base</literal>,
<literal>ports</literal>, or
@@ -589,9 +587,9 @@ Comment out for now until these can be verified.
present but was not created by <command>svn</command>,
remember to rename or delete it before the checkout.</para>
- <screen>&prompt.root; <userinput>svn checkout <replaceable>https://svn.FreeBSD.org</replaceable>/ports/head /usr/ports</userinput></screen>
+ <screen>&prompt.root; <userinput>svn checkout https://svn.FreeBSD.org/ports/head /usr/ports</userinput></screen>
- <para>Because the initial checkout has to download the full
+ <para>Because the initial checkout must download the full
branch of the remote repository, it can take a while. Please
be patient.</para>
@@ -632,8 +630,11 @@ Comment out for now until these can be verified.
<para>The &os; <application>Subversion</application>
- repository, <systemitem
- class="fqdomainname">svn.FreeBSD.org</systemitem>, is
+ repository is:</para>
+ <programlisting>svn.FreeBSD.org</programlisting>
+ <para>This is
a publicly accessible mirror network that uses GeoDNS to
select an appropriate back end server. To view the &os;
<application>Subversion</application> repositories through a
@@ -730,9 +731,9 @@ Comment out for now until these can be verified.
- <para>If you are seeing one of these legacy certificate
- fingerprints then it is likely you are using a deprecated
- server name.</para>
+ <para>Seeing one of these legacy certificate
+ fingerprints means it is likely that a deprecated
+ server name is being used.</para>
@@ -751,14 +752,14 @@ Comment out for now until these can be verified.
<sect1 xml:id="mirrors-rsync">
<title>Using <application>rsync</application></title>
- <para>The following sites make &os; available through the rsync
+ <para>These sites make &os; available through the rsync
protocol. The <application>rsync</application> utility works in
much the same way as the &man.rcp.1; command, but has more
options and uses the rsync remote-update protocol which
transfers only the differences between two sets of files, thus
greatly speeding up the synchronization over the network. This
- is most useful if you are a mirror site for the &os;
- <acronym>FTP</acronym> server, or the CVS repository. The
+ is most useful for mirror sites of the &os;
+ <acronym>FTP</acronym> server. The
<application>rsync</application> suite is available for many
operating systems, on &os;, see the <package>net/rsync</package>
port or use the package.</para>