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In scanners section:
By default, under 5.X, uscanner0 permissions are 0640 preventing users in operator group to use the scanner (a write access is required). So let's show how to change the permissions to 660 (for example) via devfs.rules and the devfs_system_ruleset option in rc.conf. This gives an example on how to change permissions on a node that is not always present at system boot.
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@@ -1815,7 +1815,27 @@ device `epson:/dev/uscanner0' is a Epson GT-8200 flatbed scanner</screen>
<screen>&prompt.root; <userinput>pw groupmod operator -m <replaceable>joe</replaceable></userinput></screen>
- <para>For more details read the &man.pw.8; manual page.</para>
+ <para>For more details read the &man.pw.8; manual page. You
+ also have to set the correct write permissions (0660 or 0664)
+ on the <filename>/dev/uscanner0</filename> device node, by
+ default the <groupname>operator</groupname> group can only
+ read the device node. This is done by adding the following
+ lines to the <filename>/etc/devfs.rules</filename> file:</para>
+ <programlisting>[system=5]
+add path uscanner0 mode 660</programlisting>
+ <para>Then add the following to
+ <filename>/etc/rc.conf</filename> and reboot the
+ machine:</para>
+ <programlisting>devfs_system_ruleset="system"</programlisting>
+ <para>More information regarding these lines can be found in the
+ &man.devfs.8; manual page. Under &os;&nbsp;4.X, the
+ <groupname>operator</groupname> group has, by default, read
+ and write permissions to
+ <filename>/dev/uscanner0</filename>.</para>
<para>Of course, for security reasons, you should think twice