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Be more emphatic about not running -configure unless necessary.
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<title>Quick Start</title>
<para><application>&xorg;</application> supports most common
- video cards, keyboards, and pointing devices. These devices
- are automatically detected and do not require any manual
- configuration.</para>
+ video cards, keyboards, and pointing devices.</para>
+ <tip>
+ <para>Video cards, monitors, and input devices are
+ automatically detected and do not require any manual
+ configuration. Do not create <filename>xorg.conf</filename>
+ or run a <option>-configure</option> step unless automatic
+ configuration fails.</para>
+ </tip>
@@ -363,6 +369,10 @@
<sect2 xml:id="x-config-files">
<title>Configuration Files</title>
+ <para>Manual configuration is usually not necessary. Please do
+ not manually create configuration files unless
+ autoconfiguration does not work.</para>
<sect3 xml:id="x-config-files-directory">
@@ -870,6 +880,12 @@ EndSection</programlisting>
different configuration is desired. For these cases, a custom
configuration file can be created.</para>
+ <warning>
+ <para>Do not create manual configuration files unless
+ required. Unnecessary manual configuration can prevent
+ proper operation.</para>
+ </warning>
<para>A configuration file can be generated by
<application>&xorg;</application> based on the detected
hardware. This file is often a useful starting point for