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@@ -1054,7 +1054,7 @@ EndSection</programlisting>
<application>GNOME</application>, and
- <para>In order to control which fonts are anti-aliased, or to
+ <para>To control which fonts are anti-aliased, or to
configure anti-aliasing properties, create (or edit, if it
already exists) the file
<filename>/usr/local/etc/fonts/local.conf</filename>. Several
@@ -1078,15 +1078,15 @@ EndSection</programlisting>
<para>As previously stated, all fonts in
<filename>/usr/local/share/fonts/</filename> as well as
<filename>~/.fonts/</filename> are already made available to
- Xft-aware applications. If you wish to add another directory
- outside of these two directory trees, add a line similar to
- the following to
+ Xft-aware applications. To add another directory
+ outside of these two directory trees, add a line like
+ this to
<para>After adding new fonts, and especially new font
- directories, you should run the following command to rebuild
+ directories, rebuild
the font caches:</para>
<screen>&prompt.root; <userinput>fc-cache -f</userinput></screen>
@@ -1120,13 +1120,13 @@ EndSection</programlisting>
- <para>Spacing for some monospaced fonts may also be
+ <para>Spacing for some monospaced fonts might also be
inappropriate with anti-aliasing. This seems to be an issue
with <application>KDE</application>, in particular. One
- possible fix for this is to force the spacing for such fonts
- to be 100. Add the following lines:</para>
+ possible fix is to force the spacing for such fonts
+ to be 100. Add these lines:</para>
- <programlisting> &lt;match target="pattern" name="family"&gt;
+ <programlisting> &lt;match target="pattern" name="family"&gt;
&lt;test qual="any" name="family"&gt;
@@ -1170,16 +1170,15 @@ EndSection</programlisting>
&lt;/match&gt; </programlisting>
- <para>Once you have finished editing
- <filename>local.conf</filename> make sure you end the file
+ <para>After editing
+ <filename>local.conf</filename>, make certain to end the file
with the <literal>&lt;/fontconfig&gt;</literal> tag. Not
- doing this will cause your changes to be ignored.</para>
+ doing this will cause changes to be ignored.</para>
- <para>Finally, users can add their own settings via their
- personal <filename>.fonts.conf</filename> files. To do this,
- each user should simply create a
- <filename>~/.fonts.conf</filename>. This file must also be in
- XML format.</para>
+ <para>Users can add personalized settings by creating their own
+ <filename>~/.config/fontconfig/fonts.conf</filename>. This
+ file uses the same <acronym>XML</acronym> format described
+ above.</para>
<indexterm><primary>LCD screen</primary></indexterm>
@@ -1192,7 +1191,7 @@ EndSection</programlisting>
dramatic. To enable this, add the line somewhere in
- <programlisting>&lt;match target="font"&gt;
+ <programlisting> &lt;match target="font"&gt;
&lt;test qual="all" name="rgba"&gt;