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books/: Address more instances of sentences beginning with 'Because...'
As was the case with the previous commit, the intention is to avoid sentence fragments as well as sentences that can be mistaken for them, since the handbook isn't written in a style that makes use of subordinate conjunctions. While touching the relevant files, I also fixed a few issues pointed out by PauAmma, and reflowed a sentence as a result. PR: 252519 Submitted by: ceri@ Reviewed by: PauAmma
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2&nbsp;TB drive. The usable space is 1&nbsp;TB. When the
1&nbsp;TB drive is replaced with another 2&nbsp;TB drive, the
resilvering process copies the existing data onto the new
- drive. Because
+ drive. As
both of the devices now have 2&nbsp;TB capacity, the mirror's
available space can be grown to 2&nbsp;TB.</para>
@@ -4045,7 +4045,7 @@ vfs.zfs.vdev.cache.size="5M"</programlisting>
Clones can be <emphasis>promoted</emphasis>, reversing
this dependency and making the clone the parent and the
previous parent the child. This operation requires no
- additional space. Because the amount of space used by
+ additional space. Since the amount of space used by
the parent and child is reversed, existing quotas and
reservations might be affected.</entry>
@@ -4201,7 +4201,7 @@ vfs.zfs.vdev.cache.size="5M"</programlisting>
blocks will be checked byte-for-byte to ensure it is
actually identical. If the data is not identical, the
hash collision will be noted and the two blocks will be
- stored separately. Because <acronym>DDT</acronym> must
+ stored separately. As <acronym>DDT</acronym> must
store the hash of each unique block, it consumes a very
large amount of memory. A general rule of thumb is
5-6&nbsp;GB of ram per 1&nbsp;TB of deduplicated data).