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<title>PPP - Pedantic PPP Primer</title>
-<surname>Maintainer: Steve Sims <emphasis remap=tt><ulink URL="mailto:SimsS@IBM.NET">&lt;SimsS@IBM.NET&gt;</ulink></emphasis></surname>
@@ -17,10 +20,9 @@
a dial-up router/gateway in a Local Area Environment. All entries may
be assumed to be relevant to FreeBSD 2.2+, unless otherwise noted.</para></abstract>
<para>The User-Mode PPP dialer in FreeBSD Version 2.2 (also known as:
@@ -33,10 +35,6 @@ Service Provider. Systems on the LAN can use the FreeBSD system to
forward information between the Internet by means of a single
-<title>Purpose of this Guide.</title>
<para>This guide explains how to:
@@ -61,8 +59,7 @@ to configure and install each individual component; each section stands
alone and may be used to assist in the configuration of various aspects
of FreeBSD internetworking.</para>
<title>Building the Local Area Network</title>
@@ -78,7 +75,7 @@ other Dial-Up service.</para>
<para>This guide assumes a typical Local Area Network lashed together as
+---------+ ----&gt; Dial-Up Internet Connection
| FreeBSD | \ (i.e.: NetCom, AOL, AT&amp;T, EarthLink,
@@ -95,7 +92,7 @@ etc)
| Win95 | | WFW | | WinNT |
| "Larry" | | "Moe" | | "Shemp" |
| | | | | |
-+---------+ +---------+ +---------+</literallayout>
++---------+ +---------+ +---------+</programlisting>