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@@ -2835,6 +2835,10 @@ PATCHFILES= patch1:test</programlisting>
<para>The COMMENT variable should immediately follow the MAINTAINER
variable in the <filename>Makefile</filename>.</para>
+ <para>Please try to keep the COMMENT line less than 70
+ characters, as it is displayed to users as a one-line
+ summary of the port.</para>
<sect1 id="makefile-depend">
@@ -3797,8 +3801,8 @@ LDCONFIG_DIRS= %%PREFIX%%/lib/foo %%PREFIX%%/lib/bar</programlisting>
<sect1 id="using-gnome">
<title>Using GNOME</title>
- <para>The FreeBSD/GNOME project uses a system called
- <literal>GNOMENG</literal> to define which GNOME components a
+ <para>The FreeBSD/GNOME project uses its own set of variables
+ to define which GNOME components a
particular port uses. A
<ulink url="http://www.FreeBSD.org/gnome/docs/porting.html">comprehensive
list of these variables</ulink> exists within the FreeBSD/GNOME