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flyer: modernize program names
- OO.O -> LibreOffice - SAP/R3 is dead, and SAP SE has not been confirmed to work on FreeBSD - an extra word
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\titledframe{Run a huge number of applications!}{
FreeBSD comes with over 23000 third party software packages
ready to be installed including: Apache, Samba, MySQL\reg,
-OpenOffice.org, KDE, GNOME, MPlayer, etc.
+LibreOffice, KDE, GNOME, MPlayer, etc.
FreeBSD provides the ports system which fetches sources
@@ -145,8 +145,8 @@ done in a transparent way for the user. Compiled binaries
are also available.
-Most of GNU/Linux binaries run under FreeBSD, for example:
-Acrobat Reader\reg, Oracle\reg, SAP/R3\reg, Mathematica\reg, Quake3,
+Most GNU/Linux binaries run under FreeBSD, for example:
+Acrobat Reader\reg, Oracle\reg, Mathematica\reg, Quake3,
etc., without any noticeable speed degradation.