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<listitem>Combined, these systems process about 1.5 trillion
U.S. dollars per year and growing. They are using X11,
- Apache, jails, perl, and a lot of other free
+ Apache, jails, Perl, and a lot of other free
<listitem>Factors that help:
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<listitem>Source availability for helping understand and fix
- problems that occur (sometimes having the source to the
+ problems that occur (having the source to the
system helps you understand why your application does not
- do what you expect..)</listitem>
+ do what you expect)</listitem>
<listitem>Good performance</listitem>
<listitem>Easy hardware upgrade paths</listitem>
- <listitem>PC hardware sometimes is less perfect, but at PC
- hardware prices, hot spares are practical.</listitem>
<listitem>The application is spread over many servers.
- Need more power in one part? Add more Freebsd boxes.</listitem>
+ Need more power in one part? Add more FreeBSD boxes.</listitem>
- </listitem>
+ <para>PC hardware sometimes is less than perfect, but at PC
+ hardware prices, hot spares are practical.</para>
+ </listitem>
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US serving content to millions of cable and satellite
- <listitem>BSD License makes these commercial embedded
+ <listitem>The BSD license makes these commercial embedded
applications possible.</listitem>