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- Mention portmgr, doceng and secteam here
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of 9 developers elected by the committers for 2 year
+ <listitem>The FreeBSD <emphasis>Ports Management Team</emphasis>
+ is responsible for ensuring that the FreeBSD Ports Collection
+ is stable, up-to-date and full-deatured. Its secondary responsibility
+ is to coordinate among the committers and developers working on
+ it.</listitem>
+ <listitem>The FreeBSD <emphasis>Documentation Engineering Team</emphasis>
+ is responsible for defining and following up documentation goals for
+ the committers in the Documentation Project.</listitem>
<listitem>The FreeBSD <emphasis>Release Engineering
Team</emphasis> is a small group of developers responsible for
managing the release process.</listitem>
+ <listitem>The FreeBSD <emphasis>Security Team</emphasis> is responsible
+ for keeping the community aware of bugs, exploits and security risks
+ affecting the FreeBSD src and ports trees, and to promote and
+ distribute information needed to safely run FreeBSD systems.
+ Furthermore, it is responsible for resolving software bugs affecting
+ the security of FreeBSD and issuing security advisories.</listitem>