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. Removed references that dangerously dedicated disks won't boot. Several people on -questions have proved me wrong. . Add credit to Greg Lemis for the above note. Submitted by: Doug White <dwhite@gdi.uoregon.edu>
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@@ -121,16 +121,13 @@ represents 512 bytes of data.</para></listitem>
to destroy the contents of other disks in your system if the proper
precautions are not taken.</para>
-<para>In particular, note the following:
-<listitem><para><emphasis>Type carefully.</> One wrong number can wipe out
-the wrong disk. Double check your typing before entering the command. When
-in doubt consult the kernel boot output for the proper device.</para></listitem>
-<listitem><para><emphasis>Never set up a boot disk as dangerously dedicated.</> Some PC BIOSs cannot understand the bootblocks and start your system properly.
-Make the first disk in <quote>compatibility mode</quote> just to be safe.
-Subsequent non-booting disks are OK to dangerously dedicate.</para></listitem>
+<para><emphasis>Check your work carefully.</> It is very simple to destroy
+the incorrect disk when working with these commands. When
+in doubt consult the kernel boot output for the proper device.</para>
+<para>Needless to say, we are not responsible for any damage to any data
+or hardware that you may experience. You work at your own risk!</para>
@@ -408,6 +405,9 @@ sysinstall useful for this type of task.</para></listitem>
(<email>jfieber@indiana.edu</email>) for making
information and examples of the DocBook DTD on which this document is
+<listitem><para>Greg Lemis (<email>grog@lemis.de</email>) for checking my work
+and pointing out inaccuracies, as well as miscellaneous support.