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There is no need to explicitly mention the lack of a need to create device nodes.
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<para>Most devices in a &os; must be accessed through special
files called device nodes, which are located in
<filename class="directory">/dev</filename>.</para>
- <sect2>
- <title>Creating Device Nodes</title>
- <para>When adding a new device to your system, or compiling
- in support for additional devices, new device nodes must
- be created.</para>
- <sect3>
- <title><literal>DEVFS</literal> (DEVice File System)</title>
- <para> The device file system, <literal>DEVFS</literal>,
- provides access to the kernel's device namespace in the
- global file system namespace. Instead of having to
- manually create and modify device nodes,
- <literal>DEVFS</literal> automatically maintains this
- particular file system. Refer to &man.devfs.5; for
- more information.</para>
- </sect3>
- </sect2>
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