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My primer for people new to the Doc. Proj. Incomplete, but should be
enough for most people, and gets it into the repository, making it easier for others to add to as necessary. This has not (yet) been turned on in the upper level Makefile or listed on the web site yet, I want to get some more feedback from readers first. It should be "made visible" later this week.
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+ Creates entities for each chapter in the Documentation Project Primer.
+ Each entity is named chap.foo, where foo is the value of the id
+ attribute on that chapter, and corresponds to the name of the
+ directory in which that chapter's .sgml file is stored.
+ Chapters should be listed in the order in which they are referenced.
+ $Id: chapters.ent,v 1.1 1999-04-20 20:59:49 nik Exp $
+<!ENTITY chap.overview SYSTEM "overview/chapter.sgml">
+<!ENTITY chap.sgml-primer SYSTEM "sgml-primer/chapter.sgml">
+<!ENTITY chap.tools SYSTEM "tools/chapter.sgml">
+<!ENTITY chap.sgml-markup SYSTEM "sgml-markup/chapter.sgml">
+<!ENTITY chap.stylesheets SYSTEM "stylesheets/chapter.sgml">
+<!ENTITY chap.the-faq SYSTEM "the-faq/chapter.sgml">
+<!ENTITY chap.the-handbook SYSTEM "the-handbook/chapter.sgml">
+<!ENTITY chap.the-website SYSTEM "the-website/chapter.sgml">
+<!ENTITY chap.writing-style SYSTEM "writing-style/chapter.sgml">
+<!ENTITY chap.psgml-mode SYSTEM "psgml-mode/chapter.sgml">
+<!ENTITY chap.see-also SYSTEM "see-also/chapter.sgml">