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Merge from HEAD. This is part of a multi-part commit since the SGML tools
need to be merged as well for this to work, but they're in a different part of the subtree. I have to merge this because a) our -stable docs are way out of date and b) I need the "doc" distribution to appear in -stable if I'm to use a single copy of sysinstall for both. Reviewers of this MOST welcome!
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<!-- The FreeBSD Documentation Project -->
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<name>The FreeBSD Documentation Project</name>
- <date>October 30, 1995</date>
+ <date>May 15, 1996</date>
<abstract>Welcome to FreeBSD! This handbook covers the
installation and day to day use of <bf>FreeBSD Release
This manual is a <bf>work in progress</bf> and is the
work of many individuals. Many sections do not yet exist
and some of those that do exist need to be updated. If
you are interested in helping with this project, send
-email to the FreeBSD Documentation
-Project mailing list <tt><htmlurl url="mailto:doc@freebsd.org"
+email to the &a.doc
The latest version of this document is always available from
-the <url url="http://www.freebsd.org/" name="FreeBSD World Wide
-Web server">.
+the <url url="http://www.FreeBSD.ORG/" name="FreeBSD World Wide
+Web server">. It may also be downloaded in ascii, LaTeX, postscript
+or HTML from the <url url="ftp://ftp.FreeBSD.ORG/pub/FreeBSD/docs"
+name="FreeBSD FTP server"> or one of the numerous
+<ref id="mirrors" name="mirror sites">.
@@ -49,8 +54,20 @@ Web server">.
+ <p>FreeBSD is a 4.4 BSD Lite based operating system for Intel
+ architecture (x86) based PCs. For an overview of FreeBSD, see
+ <ref id="nutshell" name="FreeBSD in a nutshell">. For a
+ history of the project, read <ref id="history"
+ name="a brief history of FreeBSD">. To see a description of the
+ latest release, read <ref id="relnotes"
+ name="about the current release">. If you're interested
+ in contributing something to the FreeBSD project (code, equipment,
+ sacks of unmarked bills), please see about <ref id="submitters"
+ name="contributing to FreeBSD">.
+ &goals;
@@ -59,7 +76,6 @@ Web server">.
<chapt><heading>Installing applications</heading>
<sect><heading>* Installing packages</heading>
- &porting;
<!-- ************************************************************ -->
@@ -73,18 +89,14 @@ Web server">.
+ &quotas;
<chapt><heading>The X-Window System</heading>
<p>Pending the completion of this section, please refer to
documentation supplied by the <url url="http://www.xfree86.org/"
name="The XFree86 Project, Inc">.
- <chapt><heading>Managing hardware</heading>
- <sect><heading>* Adding and reconfiguring disks</heading>
- &scsi;
- &esdi;
- <sect><heading>* Tapes and backups</heading>
- <sect><heading>* Serial ports</heading>
- <sect><heading>* Sound cards</heading>
+ &hw;
<!-- ************************************************************ -->
@@ -127,25 +139,28 @@ Web server">.
<part><heading>Advanced topics</heading>
- &ctm;
- &sup;
- &kerneldebug;
+ &stable;
+ &synching;
+ &kerneldebug;
+ &linuxemu;
+ <chapt><heading>FreeBSD internals</heading>
+ &booting;
+ &memoryuse;
+ &dma;
<!-- ************************************************************ -->
- &hw;
- <chapt><heading>Assorted technical topics</heading>
- &booting;
- &memoryuse;
- &dma;
+ &pgpkeys;
<!-- &glossary; -->