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Remove the ability to change the font size on the website. There are now
much better ways of doing this in modern web browsers. Furthermore, it never worked as well as it should have done, as too much of the website is built around fixed layouts. It was felt it was best to remove the size switcher from all languages at once, so that the infrastructure (styleswitcher.js etc.) could be removed at the same time. Discussed at: Cambridge DevSummit, August 2012 Discussed on: www@ Approved by: gabor (mentor)
Notes: svn path=/head/; revision=39627
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diff --git a/it_IT.ISO8859-15/share/sgml/header.l10n.ent b/it_IT.ISO8859-15/share/sgml/header.l10n.ent
index 68323be857..a02983395f 100644
--- a/it_IT.ISO8859-15/share/sgml/header.l10n.ent
+++ b/it_IT.ISO8859-15/share/sgml/header.l10n.ent
@@ -12,11 +12,6 @@
<!-- Standard headers and footers -->
<!ENTITY header2.word.search 'Cerca'>
-<!ENTITY header2.word.textsize 'Testo'>
-<!ENTITY header2.word.normaltextsize 'Dimensione Testo Normale'>
-<!ENTITY header2.word.largetextsize 'Dimensione Testo Grande'>
-<!ENTITY header2.word.normal 'Normale'>
-<!ENTITY header2.word.large 'Grande'>
<!ENTITY header2.word.donate 'Donazioni'>
<!ENTITY header2.word.contact 'Contatti'>
@@ -94,24 +89,6 @@
</div> <!-- MENU -->
-<!ENTITY header2.searchnav '
- <div xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" id="searchnav">
- <ul id="searchnavlist">
- <li>&header2.word.textsize;: <a href="#" onkeypress="return false;"
- onclick="setActiveStyleSheet(&#39;Normal Text&#39;); return false;"
- title="&header2.word.normaltextsize;">&header2.word.normal;</a>
- /
- <a href="#" onkeypress="return false;"
- onclick="setActiveStyleSheet(&#39;Large Text&#39;); return false;"
- title="&header2.word.largetextsize;">&header2.word.large;</a></li>
- <li><a href="&enbase;/donations/" title="&header2.word.donate;">&header2.word.donate;</a></li>
- <li class="last-child"><a href="&base;/mailto.html" title="&header2.word.contact;">&header2.word.contact;</a></li>
- </ul>
- </div> <!-- SEARCHNAV -->
<!-- macro for webbuild paper -->
<!ENTITY webbuild '
<p xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">Questo documento descrive come creare e aggiornare le pagine web di FreeBSD