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+ Words that were deemed too controversial. Which, therefore,
+ would require several futher revisions. Moreover, the use of
+ entities helps normalize (a uniform) the translation process.
+ Use these entities instead of direct translations whenever
+ possible.
+ IMPORTANT: If you delete words from this file you *must* ensure that
+ all references to them have been removed from the handbook's
+ translations. If they haven't then you *will* break the
+ builds for the other languages, and we will poke fun of you
+ in public.
+ The FreeBSD Documentation Project
+ The FreeBSD Brazilian Portuguese Documentation Project
+ Palavras em que houve muita controversia quanto a traducao ou
+ de manutencao mais facil via entidades.
+ $FreeBSD$
+<!ENTITY a.ptbr.p.handbook "Manual do FreeBSD">
+<!ENTITY a.ptbr.p.fdpp "<foreignphrase>Primer</foreignphrase> do Projeto de Documentação do FreeBSD">