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- The FreeBSD Russian Documentation Project
- $FreeBSDru: frdp/www/ru/developers.sgml,v 1.12 2005/06/07 02:36:45 andy Exp $
- Original revision: 1.99
This document provides entities for developers listed by name on the
FreeBSD web site. Keeping this information in a central location
@@ -14,17 +6,20 @@ allows multiple documents to use the abbreviated entities, and allows
us to update author names, or the representation of those names (such
as adding email addresses), by just editing a single file.
+$FreeBSDru: frdp/www/ru/developers.sgml,v 1.15 2006/02/18 18:29:44 gad Exp $
+Original revision: 1.124
-<!-- FreeBSD Contributers -->
-<!ENTITY a.ache "Андрей&nbsp;А.&nbsp;Чернов">
+<!-- FreeBSD Contributors -->
+<!ENTITY a.ache "Andrey&nbsp;A.&nbsp;Chernov">
<!ENTITY a.ade "Ade Lovett">
<!ENTITY a.alc "Alan L. Cox">
<!ENTITY a.alfred "Alfred Perlstein">
<!ENTITY a.anholt "Eric Anholt">
<!ENTITY a.archie "Archie Cobbs">
+<!ENTITY a.ariff "Ariff Abdullah">
<!ENTITY a.arr "Andrew Reiter">
<!ENTITY a.asami "Satoshi Asami">
<!ENTITY a.asmodai "Jeroen&nbsp;Ruigrok">
@@ -35,10 +30,12 @@ $FreeBSD$
<!ENTITY a.bmah "Bruce A. Mah">
<!ENTITY a.bmilekic "Bosko Milekic">
<!ENTITY a.bms "Bruce M. Simpson">
+<!ENTITY a.brd "Brad Davis">
<!ENTITY a.brian "Brian Somers">
<!ENTITY a.brooks "Brooks Davis">
<!ENTITY a.brueffer "Christian Brueffer">
<!ENTITY a.bruno "Bruno Ducrot">
+<!ENTITY a.carvay "J. Vicente Carrasco">
<!ENTITY a.ceri "Ceri Davies">
<!ENTITY a.chern "Chern Lee">
<!ENTITY a.chris "Chris Costello">
@@ -46,6 +43,7 @@ $FreeBSD$
<!ENTITY a.cognet "Olivier Houchard">
<!ENTITY a.cp "Chuck Paterson">
<!ENTITY a.cperciva "Colin Percival">
+<!ENTITY a.cracauer "Martin Cracauer">
<!ENTITY a.csjp "Christian Peron">
<!ENTITY a.dannyboy "Daniel Harris">
<!ENTITY a.das "David Schultz">
@@ -61,6 +59,7 @@ $FreeBSD$
<!ENTITY a.dwhite "Doug White">
<!ENTITY a.eik "Oliver Eikemeier">
<!ENTITY a.eivind "Eivind Eklund">
+<!ENTITY a.emax "Maksim Yevmenkin">
<!ENTITY a.erwin "Erwin Lansing">
<!ENTITY a.fenner "Bill&nbsp;Fenner">
<!ENTITY a.gad "Garance A Drosehn">
@@ -81,15 +80,18 @@ $FreeBSD$
<!ENTITY a.imp "Warner Losh">
<!ENTITY a.jake "Jake Burkholder">
<!ENTITY a.jasone "Jason Evans">
+<!ENTITY a.jcamou "Jesus R. Camou">
<!ENTITY a.jedgar "Chris D. Faulhaber">
<!ENTITY a.jeff "Jeff Roberson">
<!ENTITY a.jennifer "Jennifer Yang">
+<!ENTITY a.jesusr "Jesus Rodriguez">
<!ENTITY a.jhb "John Baldwin">
<!ENTITY a.jlemon "Jonathan Lemon">
<!ENTITY a.jmallett "Juli Mallett">
<!ENTITY a.jmg "John-Mark Gurney">
<!ENTITY a.joe "Josef Karthauser">
<!ENTITY a.joe.halpin "Joe&nbsp;Halpin">
+<!ENTITY a.joel "Joel Dahl">
<!ENTITY a.julian "Julian Elischer">
<!ENTITY a.jwd "John&nbsp;W.&nbsp;De&nbsp;Boskey">
<!ENTITY a.jwojdacki "Justin&nbsp;Wojdacki">
@@ -108,10 +110,12 @@ $FreeBSD$
<!ENTITY a.luigi "Luigi Rizzo">
<!ENTITY a.marcel "Marcel Moolenaar">
<!ENTITY a.marcus "Joe Marcus Clarke">
+<!ENTITY a.marius "Marius Strobl">
<!ENTITY a.markm "Mark&nbsp;Murray">
<!ENTITY a.marks "Mark&nbsp;Santcroos">
-<!ENTITY a.matk "Мэтью&nbsp;Каннер">
-<!ENTITY a.maxim "Максим&nbsp;Коновалов">
+<!ENTITY a.mat "Mathieu Arnold">
+<!ENTITY a.matk "Mathew&nbsp;Kanner">
+<!ENTITY a.maxim "Maxim&nbsp;Konovalov">
<!ENTITY a.mbr "Martin Blapp">
<!ENTITY a.mdodd "Matthew Dodd">
<!ENTITY a.mike "Mike&nbsp;Barcroft">
@@ -126,27 +130,33 @@ $FreeBSD$
<!ENTITY a.mux "Maxime Henrion">
<!ENTITY a.mwlucas "Michael Lucas">
<!ENTITY a.nectar "Jacques Vidrine">
+<!ENTITY a.netchild "Alexander Leidinger">
<!ENTITY a.nik "Nik Clayton">
<!ENTITY a.njl "Nate Lawson">
<!ENTITY a.non "Noriaki&nbsp;Mitsunaga">
<!ENTITY a.nsayer "Nick Sayer">
<!ENTITY a.nyan "Takahashi Yoshihiro">
<!ENTITY a.obrien "David O'Brien">
+<!ENTITY a.pav "Pav Lucistnik">
<!ENTITY a.pavalos "Peter&nbsp;Avalos">
<!ENTITY a.pb "Pierre&nbsp;Beyssac">
<!ENTITY a.pdeuskar "Prafulla Deuskar">
<!ENTITY a.peter "Peter Wemm">
-<!ENTITY a.phantom "Алексей&nbsp;Зелькин">
+<!ENTITY a.phantom "Alexey&nbsp;Zelkin">
<!ENTITY a.philip "Philip Paeps">
-<!ENTITY a.phk "Пол-Хеннинг Кэмп">
+<!ENTITY a.phk "Poul-Henning Kamp">
<!ENTITY a.pjd "Pawel Jakub Dawidek">
+<!ENTITY a.ps "Paul Saab">
<!ENTITY a.re "re@FreeBSD.org">
<!ENTITY a.remko "Remko Lodder">
<!ENTITY a.rik "Roman Kurakin">
+<!ENTITY a.rink "Rink Springer">
<!ENTITY a.robert "Robert&nbsp;Drehmel">
<!ENTITY a.ru "Ruslan Ermilov">
<!ENTITY a.rushani "Hideyuki&nbsp;KURASHINA">
<!ENTITY a.rwatson "Robert Watson">
+<!ENTITY a.roberto "Ollivier Robert">
+<!ENTITY a.rodrigc "Craig Rodrigues">
<!ENTITY a.sam "Sam Leffler">
<!ENTITY a.schweikh "Jens Schweikhardt">
<!ENTITY a.scop "Ville Skytt&auml;">
@@ -156,50 +166,53 @@ $FreeBSD$
<!ENTITY a.simon "Simon L. Nielsen">
<!ENTITY a.sobomax "Maxim Sobolev">
<!ENTITY a.sos "S&oslash;ren Schmidt">
+<!ENTITY a.ssouhlal "Suleiman Souhlal">
<!ENTITY a.stefanf "Stefan Farfeleder">
<!ENTITY a.steve "Steve Price">
<!ENTITY a.takawata "Takanori Watanabe">
<!ENTITY a.tanimura "Seigo Tanimura">
<!ENTITY a.tegge "Tor Egge">
+<!ENTITY a.ticso "Bernd Walter">
<!ENTITY a.tjr "Tim&nbsp;J.&nbsp;Robbins">
<!ENTITY a.tmm "Thomas Moestl">
<!ENTITY a.trevor "Trevor Johnson">
<!ENTITY a.trhodes "Tom Rhodes">
<!ENTITY a.truckman "Don Lewis">
<!ENTITY a.ume "Hajimu UMEMOTO">
+<!ENTITY a.ups "Stephan Uphoff">
<!ENTITY a.wes "Wes&nbsp;Peters">
<!ENTITY a.wilko "Wilko Bulte">
<!ENTITY a.will "Will Andrews">
<!ENTITY a.wollman "Garrett&nbsp;Wollman">
<!ENTITY a.wpaul "Bill Paul">
+<!ENTITY a.yar "Yar Tikhiy">
<!-- Below we list the various hats. This is used in internal/staff.sgml
so that we may keep a list of hat owners and modify only this file. -->
<!-- FreeBSD Bugmeister -->
-<!ENTITY a.bugmeister '&a.ceri;, &a.keramida;, &a.linimon;'>
+<!ENTITY a.bugmeister '&a.ceri;, &a.linimon;'>
<!-- FreeBSD Doc Engineering Team -->
-<!ENTITY a.doceng '&a.nik;, &a.murray;, &a.ru;, &a.kuriyama;, &a.hrs;, &a.blackend;'>
+<!ENTITY a.doceng '&a.nik;, &a.murray;, &a.ru;, &a.hrs;, &a.blackend;'>
<!-- FreeBSD Donations Liaison -->
-<!ENTITY a.donations '&a.mwlucas;, &a.nsayer;, &a.obrien;, &a.rwatson;, &a.trhodes;'>
+<!ENTITY a.donations '&a.brueffer;, &a.mwlucas;, &a.nsayer;, &a.obrien;, &a.rwatson;, &a.trhodes;, &a.wilko;'>
<!-- FreeBSD Ports Manager Team -->
-<!ENTITY a.portmgr '&a.kris;, &a.marcus;, &a.linimon;, &a.clement;, &a.krion;'>
+<!ENTITY a.portmgr '&a.kris;, &a.marcus;, &a.linimon;, &a.clement;, &a.krion;, &a.erwin;'>
<!-- FreeBSD Release Engineering Teams -->
<!ENTITY a.re.members '&a.murray;, &a.rwatson;, &a.scottl;, &a.dwhite;, &a.kensmith;, &a.hrs;'>
<!ENTITY a.re-alpha '&a.murray;, &a.rwatson;, &a.scottl;, &a.wilko;'>
-<!ENTITY a.re-ia64 '&a.marcel;, &a.peter;'>
+<!ENTITY a.re-amd64 '&a.obrien;'>
+<!ENTITY a.re-ia64 '&a.marcel;'>
<!ENTITY a.re-i386 '&a.murray;, &a.rwatson;, &a.scottl;'>
<!ENTITY a.re-pc98 '&a.nyan;'>
-<!ENTITY a.re-sparc64 '&a.jake;, &a.murray;, &a.phk;, &a.rwatson;, &a.scottl;, &a.tmm;'>
+<!ENTITY a.re-powerpc '&a.grehan;'>
+<!ENTITY a.re-sparc64 '&a.jake;, &a.murray;, &a.phk;, &a.rwatson;, &a.scottl;, &a.tmm;, &a.kensmith;, &a.obrien;'>
<!-- FreeBSD Security Officer -->
-<!ENTITY a.so '&a.nectar;'>
-<!ENTITY a.so-team '&a.remko;, &a.simon;, &a.cperciva;, &a.trhodes;, &a.des;, &a.guido;, &a.nectar;, &a.rwatson;'>
+<!ENTITY a.so '&a.cperciva;'>
-<!-- FreeBSD Technical Review Board -->
-<!ENTITY a.trb '&a.dfr;, &a.jake;, &a.jeff;, &a.iedowse;, &a.alc;, &a.gallatin;, &a.jhb;, &a.peter;, &a.imp;, &a.sam;'>
+<!ENTITY a.so-team '&a.csjp;, &a.remko;, &a.simon;, &a.cperciva;, &a.des;, &a.nectar;, &a.rwatson;'>